DIY Wedding Decor β€’

Moss Covered Card Box

I wasn’t planning to make a card box. I kind of thought I would just use one of the gajillion storage boxes that I am currently using to store various unused items that are clearly very essential to my life, such as Tim’s old video games

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Birdcage Cardbox

One of my DIY’s was our birdcage cardbox. It’s very simple, but it’s just something that adds a little personal touch, rather than using the one that the hall offers (that you know hundreds of bride’s have already used). My mom had an old decorative birdcage

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DIY PROJECTS β€’ DIY Wedding Decor β€’

Mailbox DIY Card Box

IΒ love how creative brides (and grooms) get when it comes to the box they use for cards at the wedding. I’ve seen bird cages, fabric wrapped boxes and a lot of other ideas but one of the best I’ve seen is a mailbox! IΒ figure it not

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