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Ask Jessica: Tennis Shoes or Heels for a Wedding?

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Ask Jessica: Tennis Shoes or Heels for a Wedding?
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Starting a new series here on The Budget Savvy Bride called Ask Jessica! Feel free to submit your questions and I will do my best to get you the answers, resources, or advice you’re looking for! This series was inspired by some questions I’ve received via email from readers, so I thought this was a great opportunity to share! Our first question is from Diana in Toronto:



Dear Jessica,

Is it okay to wear tennis shoes at the wedding reception or must I dance the night away in heels?

— Diana


wedding tennis shoes{image from Jacksonville Wedding Styles}

Dear Diana,

Thanks for your question! I think the formality of your footwear really depends on the overall feel of the event. When you picture someone wearing tennis shoes to a wedding, that seems a little informal, or maybe even a little tacky. Depending on the type or style of tennis shoe you choose, you could probably get away with it!

It’s definitely a common trend for a bride to have a more comfortable pair of shoes to change into after the ceremony. Feel free to kick off your heels and slip into some cute tennis shoes for the wedding reception! Just be sure to choose a pair that complements your look – I’d steer away from ‘athletic’ styles of tennis shoes for a wedding as those would appear too casual.

Many stores sell metallic tennis shoes, glitter sneakers, etc that would be completely adorable and appropriately dressy for a wedding. You could even purchase a pair of plain white sneakers and add your own glitter or sequins for a fun way to dress up a comfy pair of shoes!

Here are a few examples of cute “wedding” tennis shoes I think *could* be appropriate to wear in lieu of heels:

Wedding Tennis Shoes

Some great sources for cute wedding tennis shoes are Converse, TOMS, ModCloth, Keds, etc. They offer SO many cute styles from glitters, sequins, to just plain white that would be perfectly appropriate for busting a move on the dance floor once your tootsies get tired.



Comfortable Dress Shoes for a Wedding

If you’re totally turned off by the idea of wearing tennis shoes at a wedding, seek out a stylish but comfortable pair of dress shoes. There are definitely comfortable shoes you can find for just about any occasion- stylish wedges or flats could be more comfortable than heels but less casual than sneakers. Here’s a few options I’ve found that might make you feel a little less casual but still just as comfy!



Cute Wedding Flats

And of course if you are still not into wearing any sort of heel or wedge, you can’t go wrong with the tried-and-true flat. There are plenty of dressy styles in an array of colors and price ranges, and they look just as lovely as any fancy pair of heels! Check out these picks below:


So what do you think? Would you feel comfortable wearing tennis shoes at your wedding? Or someone else’s for that matter? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comments below!! Feel free to leave me some more fun questions to answer in upcoming posts as well!


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