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The Big Three Wedding Priorities

One of the first big conversations about the wedding that Brady and I had after getting engaged was on figuring out our priorities. When you have a wedding with a limited budget, some sacrifices need to be made. Some couples may put the decor, the dress, or the flowers above other items, but our “big three” wedding priorities include the food, the venue, and the photography. Here's a little about why we chose these three things to focus on:

1. The Food

Much of my relationship with Brady and other important people in our lives has developed over a couple plates of food. It is one of life's pleasures that we delight in, so for us it made sense that we share good food with our friends and family on our big day. We then decided on brunch for a number of reasons, and as a result decided on a morning wedding!

How cute is this pancake cake?!
How cute is this pancake cake?!

Brunch is a great idea (we think!) because it includes so many amazing foods that do not necessarily have to break the bank!! Alcohol would also be less likely to be expected (although mimosas are very fun!) in the morning, so we will be saving by not spending money on that. We plan to utilize the help of a few dear friends and work with a local bakery/cafe to make this dream a reality, and we can't wait to see how it turns out!

2. The Venue

As Brady and I talked about our overall vision for our wedding, we realized that it is important to us that we be surrounded by natural beauty. We want the day to be simple and relaxed, but also beautiful, so we decided to take the gamble and opt for an outdoor venue. The first weekend in May in Texas can be anywhere between forty and a hundred degrees and there's no predicting the weather, but we found a beautiful venue that we love!

A sneak peek of our venue's ceremony spot!
A sneak peek of our venue's ceremony spot!

It was important to us that we find a venue where we could do both the wedding and reception as well, because it's much more convenient that way for both us and our guests. Ginger, the woman who owns the venue, is also very accommodating and flexible and is excited to help us put together the first morning wedding at Lytle Cove Cottage!

3. The Photography

One of the things that Brady and I are very good at is being in the moment and enjoying taking in what's happening around us. However, a byproduct of that is that about 85% of the pictures we have together are selfies (which are cute, but definitely not high quality), and (much to the chagrin of our mothers) we did not take a picture together as an engaged couple until the second day after we got engaged. We do want the beginning of our marriage to be documented and to be documented at a high quality, so photography made it's way to the top of our list of priorities.


We are excited to have a talented photographer and friend, Matt Marchbanks, doing photography for our big day! I'm really excited because I know that he will be very personable, friendly, excited for us, and helpful. Those are not qualities you might normally think of for a photographer, since they are more behind-the-scenes, but I think it will help a lot to have that great personality when May 2 rolls around!

Of course, the rest of the wedding is important to us, but we decided that those three items were things that we:

1. Feel are essential

2. Are willing to spend more on

3. Are very excited about!!!

We are very fortunate in that we agreed on our big three and that our families support the things that we think are important. After making these decisions, I also felt a huge weight rise from my shoulders, because I feel like we have taken care of the things we think are most important! Such tough but fun decisions, I'd love to hear the different things that y'all think are important, or the different ways y'all came to those decisions!


is a bride blogger who got married in 2015. You can read her wedding planning posts here.