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The Perfect Color Palette for an Early Spring Wedding

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Finding the perfect color palette for an early spring wedding with these handy tips for selecting your colors for your big day.

The Perfect Color Palette for an Early Spring Wedding
Kacey Mya


Spring breaks through winter greys with soft, fresh colors that really pop by the time summer arrives. And, because your wedding takes place at the start of this cheerful season, you want to infuse your wedding with some of spring’s best hues.

There are so many shades and color combinations to choose from, but the following eight are perfectly blended so your wedding’s look is just right:

1. Coral, Blush and Gold

There seems to be no wedding color more popular than blush these days. From bridesmaids’ dresses to flowers to table linens, just about any detail looks romantic, soft and just colorful enough when splashed in blush.

The pinkish hue should be seen as the neutral in this palette with pops of coral and gold to set off the blush. And, with every inch of your ceremony and reception dripping in warm colors, your crisp white dress will really stand out.

2. Shades of Purple

There’s a reason why Pantone chose Ultra Violet as its color of the year in 2018: this hue breathes freshness into décor, fashion and, now, your wedding palette. Use the brightest, most saturated purple as an accent to really bring out the lighter violet, lavender and greyish-purple. For example, pastel purple save the date card could have its most important text printed in your dark purple color.

3. Neutral Hues

Everything’s green again in spring, and you can use this natural palette to your advantage. Champagne, cream and grey let Mother Nature’s work really shine, so keep things this neutral if you’re planning an outdoor wedding.

Because this palette is so simple, you’ll find your planning to be super simple. For example, you allow each of your bridesmaids to choose her unique dress in the neutral hue of your choice. The mismatched look works in these simple shades because the differences will subtle, but just enough to make the gowns appealing to the eye.

4. Flower Power

No matter what the season, you can use nature as inspiration for your wedding theme. So, for your springtime celebration, head outside and look at the flowers sprouting in your garden: their soft shades could help you piece together the right palette for your day.

As a rule of thumb, it’s hard to go wrong with springtime pastels. Light pink goes just as well with baby blue as it does with a soft yellow. Find the combination of floral hues you like best and go from there. You could also visit a florist and have them help you piece together a softly colored bouquet. The shades contained in your custom bunch can become the basis of your palette.

5. Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow and Green

On the opposite end of the spectrum from pastels, you will find the bright, saturated hue known as fuchsia. This cheerful shade is so spring-appropriate, especially when flanked by a pure orange, golden yellow and green. Although it may sound like it’s too much, next to your clean white dress, a rainbow bouquet looks incredible. In fact, you can bring the color in your bouquets alone and keep the rest of your day neutral and voila: you’re done.

6. Black, Pale Green and White

Black is probably the last color you’d consider for a spring wedding, but this color combination is classic — and perfect for a formal spring affair. Black will be used sparingly, in suits and bowties and fabric to hold together your bouquets. The rest of the event will be airy and natural, with light greens and creams softening it up.

7. Chartreuse, Light Blue and Cornflower Blue

In spring, we finally start seeing blue skies again, and this color scheme pays homage to the heavens re-opening to show off their brightest, most beautiful blues. Eye-catching chartreuse is a great color to brighten up and bring out any neutral; pairing it with blues is a more statement-making, spring-appropriate look. Just be sure that you bring the green in through foliage in the same yellow-green hue.

8. Shades of Grey

We’ve already suggested layering shades of purple for your spring wedding. This monochromatic palette draws inspiration not from spring flowers, but from the stormy skies that mark the transition between winter and spring.

Neutral color palettes always look sophisticated, and this one’s no exception. Imagine your reception tables covered in light grey tablecloths, candles flickering to illuminate everything so it’s just bright enough. If you want it to feel more spring-like, add a pop of color to your bouquets or add a metallic gold accent to your tables and centerpieces to warm things up.

Make It Yours

Most importantly, your wedding theme should be a reflection of you. Yes, draw hues from the season in which you’ll be saying, “I do.” But make sure that you love the color combinations, too, as they’ll paint the backdrop for the most important day of your life.

Kacey Mya

is a lifestyle blogger for The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine.