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The Perfect Wedding Registry Strategy

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Boscov's Wedding Registry - The Perfect Wedding Registry Strategy
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I think we can all agree that registering for gifts is one of the most fun parts of planning your wedding. Who doesn’t love picking out a wish list of favorite items and dreaming of your newlywed future… but do you have a wedding registry strategy? Although registering may seem like a simple task, creating a functional and well-balanced wedding registry is important to make things easy on your guests. It’s essential to have a strategy for choosing your gifts with your fiancé, so this post is meant to help you create a fool-proof game plan for creating the perfect wedding registry with Boscov’s!


Obviously, each couple has different tastes, values, priorities, and styles, not to mention different levels of furnishings already in their homes. Some couples live together before marriage and some combine their households after the big day, so certain couples may need to add more items to their lists than others. This post isn’t meant to tell you what to register for, but rather how you should go about registering. Follow these tips to create an awesome wedding registry!

The Perfect Wedding Registry Strategy


Boscov's Wedding Registry - The Perfect Wedding Registry Strategy

1. You Must Register for Gifts

Even if you’ve already been living together for a while and have a home stocked with items you love, it’s still important to create a registry. No matter what your guests will want to buy you gifts, so giving them options to choose from is super helpful for them. Think about the items in your home that need an upgrade like a luxurious set of bed sheets and linens.


Boscov's Wedding Registry - The Perfect Wedding Registry Strategy2. Choose Some Sentimental Items

Of course, you’ll add functional items like a blender if you need or want one, but make sure to add some sentimental items, too. Certain guests will want to get you something they know you will have and cherish for a long time, like crystal champagne flutes you can use on your wedding anniversaries or beautiful frames to display your wedding photos.


3. Keep an eye on your registry

If you’re anything like me, you don’t need to be told this tip. It can be really helpful if you check out your registry list often to see the progress. If many of your items have been purchased well in advance of your wedding or even your showers, you may want to consider adding more items. When you register at Boscov’s, they make it simple by having one of their registry consultants contact you to suggest you add more gifts to your list. Pretty awesome!


boscovs wedding registry - kitchenaid4. Choose a variety of gifts

When you are choosing gifts, make sure to keep variety in mind not just in terms of category but also in terms of price points. Consider what your typical guest might be able to spend on a shower or wedding gift and make sure to put lots of items at those price points on your registry. Your registry should be made up of a mixture of low, middle, and high priced items so that your guests can mix and match to their hearts’ and budgets’ content. Higher priced items can easily be split up among groups, so don’t shy away from big items like a grill or mattress set.


5. Add gift cards to your registry

If you’ve exhausted your ideas for gifts and you still need to add options, why not add gift cards to your registry? Gift cards make things so easy on your guests, and you will be able to put them towards any item, large or small! You won’t have to feel guilty if you change your mind on any of your gifts and eliminates the need for returns — just use them to purchase whatever you want! Plus Boscov’s gives you an extra 10% discount for your post-wedding shopping.


boscovs wedding registry - candlesticks

6. Have Fun with your Registry!

Remember to have fun together while you’re registering! Think of all the memories you will make together using each of the items you register for. From the KitchenAid Mixer you’ll use to mix birthday cakes to the candlesticks you’ll place on your dinner table for special occasions — the gifts you receive for your wedding will be part of your lives for many years to come.



Visit Boscov’s to create your registry today!

Happy Registering!


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