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The Secret to Fuller Brows

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Confession: I was a serial over-plucker in my younger days. I remember being embarrassed by my slightly bushy brows and spending hours in front of the mirror in high school meticulously plucking away. Fast forward to twenty fourteen and bold brows are IN! Cue kicking myself. I’ve gone MONTHS without plucking and I’ve seen little to no regrowth, so I scoured the web for resources and ideas on how to get that sought after look. Little did I know the answer was pretty simple! The secret to fuller brows is none other than Castor Oil.

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I ran right over to my old fave Amazon.com and ordered a bottle of Jamaican Castor Oil and a pack of  Natural Bristle Toothbrushes. I was crazy excited to try it out. Castor oil promotes hair growth by stimulating rapid growth of hair and it strengthens your hair, too! You can use it on your eyelashes as well – and castor oil has dozens of other uses for beauty including moisturizing skin, helping with acne, and removing scarring. I use a Natural Bristle Toothbrush to apply the oil to my brows– it does a bit to exfoliate while you’re applying the oil so it penetrates deeper into your pores to promote regrowth. 

I’ve been doing this daily for a few weeks now and my brows are definitely growing thicker — I’m even seeing some new hairs pop up where they weren’t appearing before. Can’t wait to see the progress over the next few months!

They say the eyebrows are like the hangers of the face, so having a well styled brow can really set off your whole look. In the meantime while I’m waiting on my brows to grow back in, another solution I’ve found is Benefit’s Gimme Brow – this stuff comes in two shades and is like a tiny mascara wand for your eyebrows. It helps bulk up my sparse brows and fills them in fairly naturally. The application is easy and quick and I hardly ever leave the house without filling in my brows – I feel naked without it!!

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So those are my best tips for getting fuller brows. Any of you gals have other tips to share with me and the rest of our readers? Sound off in the comments below!

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