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Thigh Society Review: The Best Anti-Chafing Shorts

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Looking for the perfect pair of shorts to keep chafing at bay on the big day? Check out the collection of anti-chafe shorts from Thigh Society!


If you’re wondering how you’re going to avoid dreaded thigh-chafing underneath your wedding dress on the big day, this post is for you. Rather than wearing an old-school slip beneath your gown, Thigh Society has created the perfect shorts for any occasion. Whether you want undergarment shorties or everyday bike shorts, Thigh Society has got you covered, literally! 

Prevent Thigh Chafing on the Wedding Day

Most women struggle with chafing along the inner thighs, and Thigh Society has devised a solution: anti-thigh-chafing shorts. Made of only the best materials that provide moisture-wicking properties and a signature fit, each pair of shorties will make you fall in love! 

Each design comes in multiple colors, an extensive size range from XS to 6XL, and leg lengths ranging from 5”-12” inseam. Their inclusive collection will fit all kind of thighs. We should also mention that all of the shorties have a knit cotton crotch– so you can totally wear them without underwear and avoid visible panty lines! Take the quiz to find the perfect fit and style for you!

Thigh Society shorts can be worn while lounging around, working out, or under any piece of clothing for added comfort, giving more availability to move around in! Each pair of shorties are made with a stretch material, providing comfort for your maternity season! A gentle fabric hug provided by Thigh Society shorts.

Thigh Society Reviews for Best-Selling Products

Our team has curated a list of each of Thigh Society‘s top-selling pairs of shorts below with all the necessary details! Read for yourself how much people love their Thigh Society shorts.

Thigh Society The Cooling

The Cooling 

Thigh Society • $39

Known as the silkiest shorties on the website, the cooling shorts are made with performance fabric keeping moisture and heat away from the body. These shorties can keep you cool even under a super heavy bridal gown of tulle and lace! With very light, thin semi-sheer coverage, these are their thinnest shorts and an ideal fit beneath any style of dress. 

What savvy customers are saying about Thigh Society Cooling Shorts

Real customer reviews of The Cooling Short:

“Light and comfy – These are so comfortable and non-constricting. Perfect for under light summer dresses”

“Love these!! – These are a thick-thighed girl’s dream! I made the mistake of walking around sightseeing for hours in a dress, and my thighs were chaffed so bad that they were bleeding. I then bought these, and they are a complete game changer. They feel like butter, they truly are cooling, and I can look and feel amazing at once.”

Totally Giftable!

This style is perfect for gifting to your bridesmaids for underneath their dresses!

Thigh Society The Staple

The Staple 

Thigh Society • $39

Known as the softest shorts, the staple is made for everyday use, comfortably removing constant thigh chafe thanks to mid-thigh coverage! Buttery soft material, not sheer or thick, hugging perfectly on any body type.

What savvy customers are saying about the Staple Short from Thigh Society

Real customer reviews of The Staple Short:

“Great comfort – Slip these on and forget you’re wearing anything, comfort, no slipping, or rolling. And added bonus No sweating!!”

“New favorite – With warmer weather, I was on the hunt for slip shorts that aren’t bulky and are long enough to handle my thighs rubbing together. I’m so glad I found this product and can’t wait to order another pair!”

Thigh Society The Cooling

The Cotton 

Thigh Society • $39

Providing the ultimate coziness is the cotton shorties that provide ample coverage. Made of high-quality Pima cotton & modal fabric, these shorties are naturally antibacterial from the cotton they’re made from, and stay put on the body without fear of rolling down or riding up.

What savvy customers are saying about The Cotton Short from Thigh Society

Real customer reviews of The Cotton Short:

“Even Better Than Ads Say – I’d wear nothing else if I could afford it. These are stretchy, cooling, and utterly comfortable.”

“So comfy!!! – I wore them under a dress walking 12 miles all over Rome. No thigh chafe and super comfortable! Will be ordering more.”

Thigh Society The Original

The Original 

Thigh Society • $39

Considered the “all-rounder,” the original shorts will cater to all needs! Versatile shorties can be worn under any garments or on their own as bike shorts. Lighter colors are semi-sheer, and the darker colors can be worn alone.

What savvy customers are saying about The Original Short from Thigh Society

Real customer reviews of The Original Short:

“So Comfy! – Feels like butter, and I find myself looking to wear them under everything. Getting another color today!”

“Love at first wearing – These are the first 9″ slip shorts I have bought and worn from Thigh Society. As it is still winter/early spring where I live, these have become my favorite to wear under pants. They then become my indoor shorts once I am home!”

Thigh Society The Cargo

The Cargo 

Thigh Society • $39

The cargo shorts are known as “the utility” shorts. Keep necessities tucked away in the built-in pockets provided on the shorts. Supportive bike shorties that stop the chafing and hide the sweat!

What savvy customers are saying about The Cargo Short from Thigh Society

Real customer reviews of The Cargo Short:

“Great as a lounging short – Comfortable, opaque, so good as a lounge short.” 

“Must Need Short! Take My Money! – These shorts are true to what the company advertises. I bought these for my trip to New Orleans, and not once did I have to pull them down when on the numerous tours I took. I wore them as a stand-alone short and paired it with a bright-colored top.”

More about Thigh Society

Marnie Rabinovitch Consky, the founder of Thigh Society, started her company in 2008 when she wanted to design “non-shapewear and long-leg underwear for women.” Soon after, she launched the first size-inclusive anti-chafe slip shorts, accessible to all women of all sizes. As you’ve seen above, their products have glowing reviews!

Whther you have fit legs or thick thighs, you’re sure to feel more comfortable in a pair of Thigh Society shorts. Avoid discomfort, itch, painful red bumps, butt sweat, or other uncomfy feelings with these innovative shorts you can wear on the big day or every day. Wear them with or without panties or thongs beneath if you want to avoid a visible panty line. You might like them so much you want to wear them all the time– avoiding inner thigh chub rub is a serious game changer, y’all!

Best of all, Thigh Society recently launched bridal colors in The Cooling shorties, and they are perfect to wear beneath your wedding dress for all-day comfort! So if you want to feel comfy and chafe-free on your wedding day, snag a pair of shorts from Thigh Society!

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