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ThirdLove Bra Reviews: The Bra You Won’t Have to Think About

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ThirdLove Try Before You Buy - Classic T-shirt bra
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As women, we have to think about sooooo many things. At any given moment I have about 100 different thoughts racing through my brain? From to-do lists to calling friends. Picking out the perfect outfit for date night. Obsessing over every last detail of your wedding day… it can be mentally exhausting to be a lady, amiright?


One thing we deal with that dudes don’t? Shapewear and undergarments. Has shopping for bras and underwear ever really been fun? You go into a store filled with photos of slim supermodels sporting gorgeous lingerie and then you put it on yourself and it either makes you feel less than or is ill-fitting. Over the years as my weight has fluctuated, so have the size of my “girls” but getting sized in the store can be an awkward experience and isn’t always totally accurate either.


Oh, and have you ever been (un)lucky enough to find your favorite go-to bra style that fits you perfectly and flatters your figure, only to have it discontinued and unavailable the next time you went back to purchase? If this hasn’t happened to you, consider yourself lucky. RIP Victoria’s Secret BioFit bra and Vanity Fair Deep Plunge bra. It was fun while it lasted!


I’ve been seeing the ads around the interwebs for ThirdLove, a tech startup / lingerie brand. I’ve heard the ladies of The LadyGang podcast sing the praises of their ThirdLove bras (totally obsessed with TLG, btw.) Everyone claims the Third Love 24/7 T-Shirt bra is the most comfortable bra you’ll ever wear… which kinda made me laugh. Comfort is not something I’ve experienced much in my 20+ years of bra-wearing. But I am always game to do a little testing and review, so I decided to give their best-selling bra a try.

Find Your Size: ThirdLove Bra Size App

First, I started out by using the ThirdLove bra size app, which is a simple sizing tool you can download to your phone. Just snap a couple of photos of yourself in a supportive bra and slim-fitting tanktop and the app will tell you which size to order, and which ThirdLove bras are available in your size. (It’s kind of amazing, actually!)

I had a good idea of my current sizing based on the bras I’ve been wearing, and I have to say the ThirdLove Sizing App was dead-on with identifying my bra size! It picked the exact size that I normally wear. I placed my order and it arrived within a few days.


ThirdLove Try Before You Buy - Classic T-shirt bra

ThirdLove T Shirt Bra: The Best Bra Is One You Never Think About

Well, the first thing I noticed about the ThirdLove Classic T-Shirt bra is that once I put it on, I barely noticed it was there. Like, seriously. It’s incredibly comfortable and soft, and looks great under whatever I’m wearing. Not once throughout the days when I’ve worn it have I felt the need to tug, pull, adjust or pinch myself back into this bra. Once it was on, I didn’t even give it another thought. It gives enough lift for a push up without the feeling of being pushed.


Over time I did realize that I may actually need to go down to a smaller cup size, as the top of the bra was gaping a bit. It never affected the comfort of the bra, was just a visual thing I wasn’t sure about. I called them up and asked if I could swap the size. They sent me the next size down and the new smaller size fits like a glove.

ThirdLove: Where to Buy

One of the things that I really love about ThirdLove is that they have an awesome Try Before You Buy program… that’s how much they believe in their bras.  They’ll let you try the 24/7 ThirdLove Classic T-shirt bra for FREE for 30 days before you pay for it. Seriously, wear it, wash it, pull the tags off, whatever! Wear the heck out of it for 30 days to decide if this best-selling bra is your new bra BFF.  All you’ll pay is $2.99 shipping.


All I have to say is that I’m a believer! I can’t wait to try a few more of their styles… I’ve got my eye on a few! Whether you’re looking for a great everyday bra or something to wear on your wedding day, ThirdLove has a range of styles and colors to suit your taste. Even some totally honeymoon-worthy lacy numbers 😉

Ivory_24_7_Lace_Balconette Peacock_Lace_PushUp

So pretty, right?

What do you think of out Third Love bras reviews? Ready to take the plunge?

Give the ThirdLove Classic 24/7 Bra a shot for only $2.99 shipping!


Would love to hear what you think or if you’ve tried ThirdLove bras yourself!! I personally think this is the perfect bra and I don’t know if I can ever go back from here. 🙂

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