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Tips for Dressing the Groom on the Wedding Day

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Consignment, vintage, new, or borrowed. Check out our tips for dressing the groom and where he can find the perfect suit for the big day.

Tips for Dressing the Groom on the Wedding Day
Zina Kumok

If your man hates to go shopping for new pairs of socks, getting him to pick out what he’s going to wear for the wedding can be a disaster. But it doesn’t have to. Instead of stuffing him in a regular black tux, modern weddings allow for tons of different options for grooms.

Check out our tips for dressing your groom and ideas for where your groom can find the perfect suit for his big day.

Shop Consignment

Consignment stores, especially high-end ones, often feature a variety of men’s designer suits. Often costing several thousand dollars, you can save big when you buy a suit that’s gently used. Plus, if you go with a suit instead of a tux, you’re likely to get years of wear out of it.

Read Google reviews and ask friends about local consignment stores they can recommend. My husband almost looked for his suit at a consignment store where he’d been shopping at for years.

H&M is Still an Option

If staying on budget is the most important thing, then feel free to hit up your favorite Scandinavian clothing store. H&M, unsurprisingly, has a great range of suits that have slim, modern cuts in a variety of patterns. Plus, if your guy ends up not liking it, you won’t have wasted a ton of money. Their styles are perfect for someone who doesn’t want to look like a groom from a bridal magazine.

Go Vintage

When I say go vintage, I don’t mean stop by your local thrift stores. Real vintage stores carry current brands back when they made clothes by hand and used high-quality materials. If your guy has an eye for the past, getting him a suit from a vintage store could be a great deal.

Not only can you find a brand that might be unavailable – or unaffordable now – you can also get something that you won’t see at every other wedding you attend this year.

Don’t Forget About the Mall

Stores like J. Crew, Banana Republic and Express all offer suits for men. Plus, since they’re designed for a younger market, you’re likely to find interesting cuts and styles that you might not at big-name department stores.

Many of these places also offer online shopping so you can check out the colors and patterns before you head out. Once you find your suit, you can also get extra savings by shopping during a sale or opening a store credit card to get an extra discount.

Bottom Line

Shopping for a suit with your fiance doesn’t have to be a chore. Ask him what he envisions wearing and if he wants it to be something he can reuse or something he only wears once. That’ll help you determine how much you want to spend and what kind of shopping experience he’s looking for.

Try to make this a low-stress event. I went to a bunch of stores in an afternoon with my fiance, thinking we would just browse the whole time. But we ended up finding the perfect suit that he’s already worn twice since our own wedding.

What kind of suit does your fiance want to wear? Join us in the community to discuss all things wedding attire and more!

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Tips for Dressing Your Groom

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