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tips for a cheaper candy buffet

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If we had a lot of dollars; we would have a candy buffet similar to the one above, but those lollipops are upwards of $3 each, and that fishbowl of gummy fish is a pretty penny too.

My apologies for not posting as often as I should; we’ve been busy over here with our wedding less than 2 months away! One of the final aspects that we’ve been working on is the candy buffet that we opted to have; we got all the jars required for $75 (a lady was selling them from her wedding, and we ended up with more glass jars than we needed + enough to use for our centerpieces and more). We were told by “experts” to anticipate 6-8 oz. of candy per guest. Pay for 50 pounds of candy; that could easily be $500, if we were opting for the good stuff. So I started to think about how to make this a more affordable venture.  I want to share my tips for a cheaper candy buffet with all you other budget savvy brides!


Ways to Cut Costs for your Candy Buffet

1. For your sweets, don’t limit yourself to candy

One thing that I love to snack on is breakfast cereal, and the thing is, some of them look pretty nice when put in clear glass! Another great sweet option is marshmallows — it's amazing how many different marshmallow choices there are, and marshmallows are puffy and pretty attractive.

We want our candy buffet to be colorful, so we’re having 1 container of Fruit Loops and 1 container of mini flavored marshmallows. Other potential choices are animal crackers, Oreos, and other cookies. 


2. Add items you’d find in the snack food aisle

Consider adding potato chips and pretzels to your candy buffet — everyone loves a little salt with their sweets! There are so many chocolate-covered savory snacks these days, I think folks would appreciate having some of those options in a candy buffet. You can fill 1 jar with potato chips and 1 jar with pretzels, and it’ll make your candy buffet look fuller for very little cost.


3. Take into account volume when buying candy

M&Ms are dense and take up very little space, so you wouldn't want to fill a large container with them. But Twizzlers, Gumballs and Pixie Stix take up a lot more space. Fill your larger containers with larger items so you don't break the bank. Use the smaller containers for denser or more expensive candies; we're using our smallest containers for Hershey's Kisses, Runts, and Skittles.



Top Sources for Wedding Candy:

Old Time Candy Company

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I'm Denise, and in May of 2013 I'll be marrying my best friend of over a decade. By the time we get married, we'll have had a 2 year engagement. I also post on my own blog

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  • Cammi at Nearly to Newly

    I found that buying your candy at Sam’s Club can save a few pennies, too! We’re considering a candy buffet for our wedding and there’s some better deals there for bulk candy than you’ll find elsewhere! Search the Internet, too – there are tons of candy places selling goodies for cheaper than one may think!

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Shannon Hardiman

    How picky are you with color scheme? Our wedding is an array of softer pastel tones, so I went out and bought candy for my bar the day after Valentines day and after Easter. Most of the colors are pink, purple, white, and red, or spring colored. I made sure not to get anything that has “valentines day” or easter eggs on the candy. I purchased at least 50 to 60 pounds of candy, and have spent maybe 100-150 in total. Bag of m&m were 1.12$, I bought close to 20, of different flavors. I saved SO MUCH by buying markdown candy, and it will still look beautiful! We also opted to go with a “his & hers favorites” rather than a necessary color scheme. We have little tags for each jar, labeled in pink for her favorite, and blue for his favorites. The candy theme is about us, not the colors. Additionally, I paid $0 for my old fashioned apothecary jars (for a vintage/country wedding) because I’m borrowing them from my church.

  • Denise

    Cammi = We might buy some items from Costco, if the price is right. One thing though, is that they don’t accept manufacturers coupons so the savings might not be as substantial. We’re still looking there though for some items!

    Shannon – We are having a carnival themed wedding, so we’re looking at mostly brights; rainbow colors. Our *splurge* item is going to be 6 jars with ~20 Lindt truffles in each, in the colors of the rainbow. Agree that buying candy during those holiday times is a wise way, but pastels don’t really go with what we’re looking for!

  • Juliet

    Depending on when your wedding is buy the clearance candy after Halloween and store it! Candy lasts forever!!

    • Oh yes- great idea! After Easter too- more pretty pastel type colors at that time of year!

  • rhea

    My name is Rhea and a mother of two boys. My youngest son is going be ONE next month and Im planning to do a Circus/ Carnival theme bday party. I was looking thru the internet and I saw your blog about candy buffets w/c is very in right now. Im writing you and email because I want to asks some idea as far as decoration is concern. Any suggestion Im very frugal so Iw ant something inexpensive. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Check out thrift stores for vases / jars and order candy in bulk online! You can do it fairly inexpensively if you take the time to find cheap vessels. Also recommend a cute tablecloth and you can order the scoops or tongs online as well!

      • Cynthia

        Also if you have a Dollar Tree store try them I found some great looking vases in all shapes and sizes for one buck. Also check out their website. My store will order for me. Just ask!!!!

  • Cynthia

    I plan to do a candy buffet for a Christmas party. I think they are so cute and I enjoy candy. As a couponer I plan to get most of my candy on sell. I plan to ask a few people for their candy coupons and watch for deals. I have a friend who works at Walgreen and as offered her discount. Thanks for the tips. I really want to pull this off without breaking the bank.

  • lucy melchor

    my daughter is getting married next year in august she want to have a candy buffet but don’t know how to go about it cuz i have most of the candy ship from puerto rico also her wedding favors are baskets full of cookies cakes and pastries made by a puertorican bakery close to her house i told her that even though she only have 50 guess that is a lot of candies and sweets i told her to cut down on candy or the baskets but she wont back down im paying for her wedding how i can make her understand that she should decide which one item she wantb to have the candy buffet or her baskets

  • Sharon

    I like to use to find great deals on bulk candy. Personalized MMs are always a big hit as well.

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