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Tips for Registering

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If you read all the articles and checklists out there, it will tell you to register at least 6 months before your wedding. Well, that’s great. And I had every intention of meeting that deadline but, honestly, things got in the way. At the sixth month mark, it was the holidays and then I was traveling every night for work and every weekend we were busy with other things. So, 6 months slipped away, as did 5 and 4 months. But, finally, at 3 months we went for the “fun” of registering.

 tips for registering

Honestly, it is fun but, do not get fooled by everyone telling you how great it is – it can get a little tedious. I mean, how long can you stay intrigued and enthusiastic about kitchen appliances, sheets, and silverware? It’s fun at first, but after the first hour of going through only three “departments,” you start to get a little irritated. Plus, the consultant is telling you how much it is NECESSARY that you have ALL of these things. Honestly, I do not know what I’m going to do with a glass gallon jar beverage dispenser. I suppose it will be handy for entertaining, what we’ll do with it the other 90% of the time we aren’t entertaining I have no idea. But, it will be nice to have for those times I suppose.

So, some quick tips for registering:

  1. Beg, cajole and downright force your fiance to go with you. He will LOVE it. Seriously, my beloved took over the scanner gun about 10 seconds into it.
  2. WATCH HIM LIKE A HAWK! Or you will end up with random stuff, like an “As Seen On TV!” Chef Basket Steamer (which you will later have to spend the time removing from the registry).
  3. Make sure the consultant is going to assist you in a way that is actually helpful. For instance, ours registered for all the various kitchen utensils (pizza cutter, spatulas, etc.) instead of us spending an hour scanning each one.
  4. Put a LOT on there. Even if you decide later it wasn’t your thing, you can return it. People want to buy you gifts. Even though a lot of times plain old cash or gift cards are more convenient, people like to have a package to give instead of just a card.
  5. Even if you have something already, consider whether its time to upgrade it or get a new version. This is the only time in your life that people other than your immediate family want to lavish you with gifts, so let them do it.
  6. Check the registry when you get home. Sometimes the consultant will put things on for you that you really don’t want (ours was shower curtain rings – we registered for ones we actually liked somewhere else – and I cannot believe I just admitted that I “liked” shower curtain rings.).
  7. Register several places that represent different price points and availability. For us, we registered four places (technically for the showers only three). Three are your typical registry places, and last was a place for tools for my dear – which brings me to my last point:
  8. Let your future husband register for things HE actually wants. I would bet $10 he doesn’t care THAT much about your towels or kitchen appliances as long as they are there for his use. If he is a tool guy, register somewhere for those. If he’s into outdoorsy stuff, register for a tent and camping supplies. Whatever, just make sure there is something for BOTH of you on there (and know the Kitchenaid doesn’t count.).

Honestly, we only registered one place  in person. We did the others online. I didn’t think I could justify spending another huge block of my time to register, yay for convenience! Almost every major store will provide a way to register online (although they will most certainly encourage you to go to the store.).

Happy Planning!

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