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Making Your Backyard Wedding Magical

A backyard wedding can be a beautiful affair and may save you some serious money on your wedding budget. With some extra planning, your backyard wedding can be a beautiful and memorable affair.

Making Your Backyard Wedding Magical

Outdoor Lighting

The right lighting can transform your backyard into a fairy tale wedding venue. Consider strings of twinkle lights, paper lanterns, or mason jars with candles inside hanging from the tree limbs. You can find many other attractive outdoor lighting options in the garden center of most department stores. Stake lighting, glow in the dark stones or flood lights are all fun and interesting ways to light your walkways and ensure the safety of your guests.


Taking Beautiful Pictures

When it comes to wedding photography, an outdoor setting can lead to some spectacular pictures. Include country touches like the barn door in the background for a charming rustic feel. Rent or borrow some antique furniture and place it near some trees for a combination chic and fairy tale woods impression. Make sure your photographer knows what the lighting conditions will be like ahead of time so he or she can bring the right equipment to make you look your best.

Making Your Backyard Wedding Magical

Checking The Necessities

It's important to remember the practical aspects in a backyard wedding, especially if it's going to be a large gathering. For example, 200 wedding guests and one guest bathroom is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you have a plan for restrooms, garbage disposal, and other practical issues. If you don't have enough restrooms in your home for the number of guests you are inviting, you can rent luxury restroom trailers to keep on your property for the day. Make sure all garbage disposal areas are clearly marked to minimize the cleanup afterward.


Preparing For The Weather

Outdoor weddings will always have the added component of planning for the weather. Take a look at the temperatures and precipitation for your wedding month in the past few years to get an idea of what you can expect. If it's going to be very warm, make sure you provide plenty of water, shade and a place where guests can get out of the heat if they are feeling ill. If rain is an issue, make sure to put up a tarp or canopy to protect the area or have an alternative indoor location planned just in case. If it's going to be cold, warn guests to dress warmly and consider using a tent with a space heater.

Making Your Backyard Wedding Magical


Let Nature Be an Inspiration

Working with your natural setting can lead to some beautiful centerpieces and decorations. You can gather branches to create lovely tree centerpieces or flowers from the garden for a more traditional arrangement. Lanterns can also make attractive centerpieces and have the added bonus of adding some more illumination to your tables.


Prepare Your Guests

Make sure your guests are prepared for an outdoor wedding. Offer them water and fans if it is hot. A basket filled with useful items like sunscreen and insect repellent can make the day more comfortable for everyone. If high heeled shoes will sink into the ground in your yard, be sure to warn the ladies to wear flats. These little touches show your guests that you care and will help everyone focus on the joy of the day rather than on small annoyances.

Making Your Backyard Wedding Magical

Manage Your Time and Resources

Backyard wedding often involve a large amount of do it yourself tasks. Be sure not to overwhelm yourself. Enlist friends and family to help and hire a professional here and there to take some of the stress off. For the big day itself, try to make sure that your job as a couple is simply to say your vows, take pictures and enjoy yourselves.

A backyard wedding can be a beautiful and elegant affair. Make sure your wedding matches your style as a couple and makes you happy. Everything else is just details.


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