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Want to know one of the biggest things that makes all the stress of wedding planning worthwhile? Well, next to a lifetime of marital bliss, the thing couples get most excited about is the honeymoon! This beloved post-wedding tradition is all about spending time with your new spouse, basking in your just-married glow, and relaxing after a busy season of life. Yes, the honeymoon is an important and special trip for any married couple, but don't let that add any pressure to your planning process. Just follow our advice and take these tips for planning a stress-free honeymoon to heart.

1. Know Your Travel Style

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Chances are that you've already done some traveling with your soon-to-be spouse, so you know the travel style that you each enjoy. If you're the adventurous type, you may not want to book a low-key beach honeymoon. If you're looking to get some major rest and relaxation, focus on resorts with awesome spas and options for pampering. Whatever your travel style is, focus on booking something that fits your desired honeymoon vibe.


2. For Simplicity, Choose All-Inclusive

If you're looking for a simple, enjoyable, and incredibly relaxing experience, I highly recommend booking an all-inclusive resort. There are many perks to this style of travel, including the fact that you don't have to budget for daily meal allowances, entertainment, and the like. Instead, you pay your upfront price and enjoy your resort and its offerings to the fullest.


3. Protect Yourself, Just to Be Safe

To avoid losing out in case of emergency or a change in plans, it's a good idea to get extra protection for your honeymoon. Having peace of mind that you'll get your money back in the event that your trip gets canceled is worth the added cost. If you're traveling internationally, it may also be a good idea for you to purchase additional protection from MedjetAssist, which can help you out should you need assistance arranging medical care while traveling.


4. Don't Forget About Transfers

Make sure to remember to plan for transfers to and from the airport. Whether that's arranging a shuttle to your hotel or just calling an Uber, you'll want to look into transportation options in the areas you're visiting. Having these things figured out ahead of time will keep you from scrambling to find a solution at the last minute. The most important thing is to just be aware of the options before you embark on your trip so you'll incur the lowest level of stress during your travels.


5. Pack Appropriately

Avoid honeymoon stress by packing appropriately for your trip. Think through things you may need or want while you're traveling, such as refillable water bottles or snacks. When traveling internationally, also make sure to bring photocopies of your passport and other travel documents, just in case of loss or theft. Be sure to leave plenty of room in your suitcase for any souvenirs you buy, too. That way you won't have to worry about paying for extra baggage on your return trip.

If you keep all these things in mind when planning and booking your honeymoon, you'll be sure to put together a stress-free and enjoyable trip that you'll both remember forever!

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