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DIY Tissue Paper Flower Letters

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Learn how to make tissue paper flower letters to use as wedding decor! Do your initials, new last name, or whatever word your heart desires!

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If you think you’re not great at crafts, this project is for you. There’s nothing hard about this DIY Tissue Paper Letter project. Grab a cardboard letter, tissue paper, then punch, fold, glue, repeat. It’s seriously that simple!

The letters are super simple but also make a major impact, which is definitely something to consider as super savvy.  These letters are perfect for you if you are planning a garden wedding and the color options and customizations are pretty much endless! I’ll show you how to make one letter in this tutorial, but you can easily make as many letters are you want. Think about doing the bride and groom’s initials with an ampersand, your new last name, or L-O-V-E. Whatever makes sense for your wedding or event! These would be perfect for showers, too. The letters can be used as reception décor, on your guest book table, at the top of your aisle, in the lobby of your church, anywhere you like really.

How to Make DIY Tissue Paper Letter Decorations for Your Wedding

Follow the tutorial below to make your own DIY tissue paper letters to use as decorations for your wedding!

Download-and-Print-Tissue Paper Flower Letters- supplies



Time to complete: 1.25 hrs per letter

It took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to make this letter from start to finish. If you are planning for multiple letters you can plan your time accordingly. This project would be perfect for crafting during a Netflix binge session. (Fuller House, anyone?)

Download-and-Print-Tissue Paper Flower Letters- spraypaint letter


Start by painting your cardboard letters. This step is optional and will depend on what your letter looks like to begin with. You may enjoy the rustic cardboard texture of the original paper mache letter, so don’t feel like you have to paint them. You could also choose to paint your letters the same color as your tissue paper and do all one color flowers for a uniform look. I choose to spray paint my letter light blue using only a mini can of spray paint as it doesn’t take much. You could also brush on acrylic paint if you don’t have a well-ventilated area or can’t do your crafts outside. Spray paint is my paint of choice because I don’t like washing brushes and it typically dries much faster as well.

Download-and-Print-Tissue Paper Flower Letters- punch petals


Punch Out Your Tissue Paper Petals. Fold a sheet of your tissue paper into a strip slightly wider than your scalloped punch. Punch along the tissue strip to make the petals. You can experiment with how many layers of tissue your punch will go through, typically these punches are pretty heavy duty so they can punch quite a few layers at once to save you a little time. Repeat this step for each petal color if you are making a multi-colored tissue paper flower letter.

Download-and-Print-Tissue Paper Flower Letters- cutting leaves


Use a pair of scissors to cut green tissue paper into leaf shapes. A simple oval with pointed ends is all you need. Pro tip: Fold your tissue so that you can cut multiple leaves at once. You’ll want to make the leaves about 3” in length. Don’t over think the shape, just go ahead and cut!

Download-and-Print Tissue Paper Flower Letters-adding flowers


Create your flowers! To create your flowers, take one tissue paper petal cutout and push the blunt end of a pencil into the center. Fold the tissue down over the pencil and wrap it around the pencil. Then dip the point of the wrapped tissue into the tacky glue, push the tissue onto your letter and gently slide out the pencil, leaving the petal attached to your letter. You can use any type of stick that has a flat end, but don’t use anything with a point or it could puncture your tissue.

Download-and-Print Tissue Paper Flower Letters - Applying Flowers


Apply your flowers to your cardboard letters. Repeat this petal application technique until you have filled in the entire top of your letter. Create clusters of color to resemble flowers, making sure to mix in leaves in smaller clusters. The leaves should be applied in the same way as petals, pushing a pencil into the center of the leaf, wrapping around, dipping in glue and attaching to the letter. They should end up being a little taller than the petals to create extra contrast and texture! The overall effect looks similar to hydrangeas or carnations, don’t you think? Super savvy and a great way to add color and detail to your wedding reception, shower or party!

Enjoy making your Tissue Paper Flower Letters!

Tissue Paper Flower Letters - finished product

Hope you guys have loved this tutorial! Be back with another one soon!

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Learn how to make tissue paper flower letters to use as wedding decor! Do your initials, new last name, or whatever word your heart desires!
Learn how to make tissue paper flower letters to use as wedding decor! Do your initials, new last name, or whatever word your heart desires!
Learn how to make tissue paper flower letters to use as wedding decor! Do your initials, new last name, or whatever word your heart desires!

anna skye

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