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Top 4 Affordable Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

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Nina Simons

Affordable Luxury - Budget Savvy Honeymoon Destinations

A honeymoon is every newlywed’s reason to spend the money on the trip they longed to have for a while. Usually, it includes luxury and extravagance, but the active leisure is being popular by the day. Whatever may be the case, the couple wants to celebrate their marriage.

They will indulge themselves in the travel arrangements they most likely wouldn’t normally consider due to the cost. On the other hand, simply, they will go somewhere far and exotic, since now they’re granted the time from work and other obligations.

Nevertheless, honeymoons are more than celebration. We want to spoil ourselves with the trip, accommodations and experience. In addition, although there are many expensive choices, you can still have the honeymoon of your dreams when planning it on the affordable budget. Here are some ideas that can help you with that and make your dreams come true.

Top 4 Affordable Luxury Honeymoon Destinations


As one of the islands in the Aegean Sea, Santorini is a place that will make you feel as though you’re among gods on the Mount Olympus. This is a small and charming place of white and blue houses overlooking the aquamarine colors of the sea.

Affordable Luxury - Budget Savvy Honeymoon Destinations - Santorini

The most notable settlements for tourists are Oia, Fira, Kamari, and Therasia, to name a few. While you can look at the archaeological artifacts and ruins in Akrotiri, which is something that always interests tourists.

The accommodations vary from cheap to exclusive retreats, but the biggest expense can still be the ticket here. The cuisine is international, but you will also find an authentic Greece dishes like Brantada – cod filed served with garlic salad or Melitinia – a dessert made with special cheese and yogurt.

The beaches here are black, red and white due to the lava pebbles since this is a volcanic area. The whole area is influenced by the volcanic activity and so the rock formations are like pieces of art. You can choose from various beaches depending on what you want from your honeymoon. Namely, Ammoudi beach in Oia, which has cafes, restaurants and is lively or perhaps Baxedes a serene black sand beach in Kolumbo.


When you think of Cuba, probably the first thing that comes to mind is dancing. This shouldn’t surprise you at all since this is the culture that influenced many modern dance forms and some even came from here, like Mambo. Couples want to feel the soul of Cuba and experience its rich culture and magical rhythms. For many, this is the place of passion, tropical experience and cigars.

Affordable Luxury - Budget Savvy Honeymoon Destinations - Cuba

The tourism in Cuba practically blossomed in the past years, and it’s starting to develop more and more into not only affordable but also a luxurious destination. Although you may need visa called the “Tourist Card” which you can purchase at the airport, other than that bring your bathing suit and dancing shoes for this Caribbean island.

Mountain tourism is not overly exploited here, although there is a large potential. The biggest and capital city is Havana but many couples decide to go to resorts with all-inclusive offers. Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad are other two cities which provide a more colonial and romantic experience to the honeymooners.


The truly heavenly oasis for newlyweds, Bali is one of those places usually considered very expensive. This is because the images and experiences say praises that paint a picture of white sandy beaches, clear blue water and serene nature. However, this group of islands can still be lavish and affordable with Bali rentals and all-inclusive service where you will have the honeymoon you dreamed of.

Affordable Luxury - Budget Savvy Honeymoon Destinations - Bali

The great thing about Bali and its surrounding islands is that it offers a variety of tourist activities. You can enjoy beach time sipping a cocktail and chatting with your significant other. Alternatively, you can go for scuba diving at one of the coral reefs and observe marine life. More importantly, you have an option to turn your leisure into an active holiday with hiking tours taking you to see temples and gorgeous landscapes like Mount Batur or Kintamani Volcano.


Belize is a Central American country which started to build its tourism popularity in the recent years. Just like Cuba, Belize occupies Caribbean Seashore but is also famous for its jungle. Its rich marine life in the Belize Barrier Reef attracts the attention of visitors from all over the world wanting to see something extraordinary and special.

Affordable Luxury - Budget Savvy Honeymoon Destinations - Belize

One of the most favorite activities is swimming with turtles here or kayaking through the mangroves to see the wildlife, like pelicans for example. There are many group activities you can do like inner tubing through caves or hiking through the jungle to see Mayan temples like Lamanai Temple.

Choose overwater cabana for accommodations and drink your morning coffee while dipping feet in the sea. Enjoy some beach time with coconut drinks and posing for photos among the many palms around the water. You can have romantic dinners on your cabana porch overlooking the sunrise over the horizon of the Caribbean Sea and admiring amazing night sky as the evening goes by.

All in all

As you see, your honeymoon doesn’t have to be overly pricey so you can have your own little heaven on Earth. Book a flight early and prepare to have the time of your life after you exchange vows and say “I Do.” These destinations will certainly give you a reason to come back for more of the scenic landscapes and rich cultures they offer.

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