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Looking for Your Future Spouse? Consider Moving to One of These Top US Cities for Singles

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Ready to find “the one?” Perhaps a change of location is your answer! Check out this list of the Top US Cities for Singles to help find your perfect match.


The online ads may have been right about the singles in your area after all—if you live in one of a select few American cities, that is. A recent report from financial news and education platform FinanceBuzz outlines the best cities in the US for people seeking a fresh start. Among their findings is data suggesting some cities may be better suited to singles than others.

The report analyzed 50 of the largest cities in the US on a bevy of factors, including the cost of living, employment opportunities, and social scene offerings. However, the most helpful figure for those seeking love in a new place may be the ranking of which cities have the highest percentages of single adults. So if you’re eager to get married and start a family, consider moving to one of these top destinations to find “the one.”

1. Memphis, TN: 57.7%

Per the FinanceBuzz report, Memphis takes the crown for the US city with the most singles per capita. Nearly 3 in 5 adults in the area are single, giving it a narrow margin for the top slot. However, individuals looking for love here will need to get a little creative, as Memphis also ranks as one of the five worst cities for available nightlife.

2. New Orleans, LA: 57.3%

Trailing closely behind Memphis, the Big Easy also boasts an impressive share of potentially available singles. It also ranks higher on factors like its social scene and available employment opportunities, making it a strong contender as a hub for singles on the lookout.

3. Buffalo, NY: 56%

Considering places with a high potential for romance, Buffalo may not be the first city that comes to mind, or even the first one in New York. However, this border city nestled along Lake Erie has an impressive scorecard in the FinanceBuzz analysis, ranking second overall among the top cities for relocation. In addition to being the third-highest-ranking for singles, it also boasts excellent scores on its cost of living, nightlife, and job potential.

4. Las Vegas, NV: 56%

What happens in Vegas may include long-term relationships, as more than half the city’s current population is single. The popular tourist hub is naturally an excellent destination for social activity and nightlife options. However, those considering relocating to the area may struggle to find stable, reliable income.

5. Los Angeles, CA: 55.8%

Nearly 4 million people live in LA, and most are not in committed relationships. However, moving there for this reason alone may be a misstep. Despite the longstanding cultural image of this city as a place for a fresh start and a brighter future, FinanceBuzz ranks it as one of the worst transplant cities overall. Its worst-in-class cost of living and overly crowded bars and clubs could outweigh its relatively high single population.

6. Miami, FL: 55.3%

It may not have broken the top five percentage-wise, but don’t count Miami out of the race as a top destination for singles. The Magic City donned one of the highest social scene scores in the study, making it an excellent option for singles looking to hit the town. As a common destination for tourism and relocation, Miami also offers a constantly evolving dating pool, never running short of fresh faces.

7. Cleveland, OH: 55.1%

Another surprising gem along the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland is a strong contender for singles seeking a fresh start. In addition to its sizable dating pool, it hosts a diverse social scene, numerous museums that make for interesting date ideas, and a cost of living that’s tough to beat. If you’re looking to lower your monthly living expenses while searching for your future spouse, consider Cleveland as a top contender. 

8. Providence, RI: 54.9%

While not always attracting as much attention as nearby metropolises like Boston or New York, Providence can be an excellent environment for starting a new chapter of life. In addition to being in the top 10 for its singles population, FinanceBuzz also ranks it the fourth-best city for transplants overall. Its bustling social community, high population of young adults, and large cohort of college students all contributed to this result.

9. New York, NY: 54.2%

New York has no shortage of people looking for love. Combining its high percentage of singles with the largest population of any American city, it’s clear that more single people live in NYC than anywhere else in the country. However, like its west-coast cousin Los Angeles, New York’s historical popularity as a transplant city may drive down its appeal on several fronts. Factors including the incredible cost of living drive New York to rank dead last as a prime city for transplants.

10. Philadelphia, PA: 54.1%

Brotherly love might not be the only love to seek in Philadelphia. The city’s sizable single population joins its collection of culturally and historically significant sites and landmarks as great reasons to spend some time there. 

Looking for Love in All the Right Places

Why not give one of these cities a spin? Book an Airbnb and take a test drive of the city and see how you like it.

There are many practical and emotional factors to consider when looking for a new city to call home. And for single adults seeking romantic connections, the population of like-minded peers may be one of them.

From casual flings to long-term commitments, each of these cities offers a big enough dating pool for everyone to find opportunities for a potential partner. Of course, it’s far from the only factor in the search for a new home, but if it’s a priority in your life, consider these figures as part of your decision-making process.


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