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Trend Alert: Starry Night Lighting

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Trend Alert: Starry Night Lighting

Are you dreaming of a wedding reception under the stars?  Thanks to new technology, this dream can be a reality, even indoors!  Starry Night Lighting creates a realistic night sky effect on the ceiling.  Here is an overview of how to use do-it-yourself Starry Night Lighting to create an amazing look for your reception.

Photo Credit: Eric McCallister Photography


Starry Night Lighting is a special light fixture that produces thousands of slowly moving, twinkling stars.  It is also called a “Blisslight.”  We love projecting starry night lighting on the ceiling above the dance floor.  This creates a magical ambiance for the first dance! You can also use starry night lighting on the entire ceiling, or even the walls.


Starry Night Lighting is super easy to setup in a matter of minutes.  No experience required!  Just plug it in, set it on a table, and point it up at the ceiling.  You will instantly see thousands of stars appear on the ceiling.  Add an optional blue cloud effect by turning a knob on the back of the light.  The knob allows you to adjust the intensity of the blue clouds, or turn them off completely.

Photo Credit: Ron Duszak


Each projector covers an area of about 25 by 25 feet.  If you’re interested in covering your entire ceiling, you can estimate the quantity using our calculator HERE.  Otherwise, many of our clients just use 1 projector and aim it over the dance floor area.  This adds a nice touch without breaking the bank!

Photo Credit: Maxine Huggins


There are so many ways to use Starry Night Projectors.  Sweep your guests off their feet with dining and dancing under the stars … create a magical Midsummer Night’s Dream … spend a night in Paris …. the possibilities are endless!  Here are a few of our favorite photos for inspiration.

So that’s everything you need to know about how to create a starry night look with lighting! Whether it’s a romantic evening under the stars or a special themed reception, lighting is sure to help create a “wow” factor.

We hope you enjoyed learning about this special effect. Get more wedding inspiration from Rent My Wedding by following us on Instagram! Until next time, happy wedding planning!


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