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Unique Wedding Gifts for Foodie Couples

Even the most experienced chefs dream of kitchen luxuries they don't own yet. The newlywed foodie couple in your life may have a decked-out kitchen, but that shouldn't stop you from getting them a great food-themed gift. There's always room in the cupboard for more.

Here are eight unique gifts for foodie couples that you can be sure they'll love.

1. A Curated Wine Collection

Wine lovers might already know what they like. But if you want to help them find their new favorite, check out wine subscription services to deliver even more goodness to their doorstep. Every month, subscribers receive wine tailored specifically to their tastes. The wine selections are meant to help the winos in your life broaden their horizons. Plus, they can cancel their subscription at any time.

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2. Gourmet Cheese on Their Doorstep

If you're shopping for a couple who loves cheese as much as they love each other, get them a gourmet cheese subscription box. Each box includes varying kinds of cheese specially selected to provide varying samplings and variety. The boxes give recipients access to truly unique flavors and textures of cheese. This gift is sure to be a hit with any cheese-loving couple.

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3. Heart-Shaped Waffles

Help make sure the newlyweds are well-prepared to celebrate their first wedding anniversary by gifting them a heart-shaped waffle iron. The fun shapes provide a welcome break from boring square waffles, and they're perfect for valentine's day, wedding anniversaries and romantic breakfasts in bed. What more could a married couple want?

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recycled wine glasses

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4. Recycled Wine Glasses

Environmentally minded lovebirds will love these wine glasses made from recycled windshields. The glass is sturdy and beautiful despite its marks and imperfections. The origin of these glasses makes a great conversation starter, and they'll give couples an interesting story to remember for many beers to come.

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5. Cocktails in a Box

For stay-at-home mixologists, try a cocktail subscription box. There are lots of boxes to choose from, but they all provide unique recipes from established bartenders, so they're perfect for couples who are excited to experiment with new drinks. For a couple that already has a fully-stocked liquor cabinet, you can find subscription boxes that supply the freshest ingredients including herbs, citrus fruits, garnishes, and house-made mixers.

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6. Hot Sauce Sampler

For couples that like a little spice in their life, consider gifting them a special hot sauce gift box. Subscription services do the work for you. A hot sauce subscription service will search the world for the best small-batch hot sauces you've probably never heard of and send them to their subscribers' doorsteps. You can set up a subscription and select spice level or order a specialty gift box that you can deliver to the special couple in a stylish wooden crate.

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7. Olive Oil From Their Own Tree

Olive oil is a staple in every foodie's kitchen. Instead of just any old bottle, consider getting them fresh olive oil from their very own tree. You can adopt an olive tree and present your bride and groom with a gift box containing a liter of single-harvest extra-virgin olive oil and an adoption certificate for the tree the oil came from. It's a meaningful and delicious gift for any food-loving couple.

pour over coffee maker

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8. A Beautiful Pour Over Coffee Maker

We shouldn't forget about the coffee-lovers on this list. If you're shopping for a couple of caffeine addicts, a gorgeous pour-over coffee maker makes the perfect gift. These coffee makers aren't just simple brewing tools — many of them are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Even if the couple doesn't use it every morning, your gift will make a great kitchen decoration. Search for high-quality pour-overs that match the couple's sense of style.

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Get Creative

Buying a wedding gift for a couple of food-lovers doesn't have to be hard. Even if they seem to have everything they could possibly need, it's always possible to find new gadgets and recipes they'll adore.

By getting a little creative and appealing to the newlyweds' sense of taste, your wedding gift will be a guaranteed hit. If you're lucky, you might even get to share some of their delicious new discoveries!

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