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Wedding Budget Tip #38: Non-floral decor

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Wedding Budget Tip #38: Non-floral decor

This post is part of a recurring series here on BSB where we share wedding budget tips to help you save money on your wedding! You can access all the wedding budget tips on a single page for your convenience and future reference. This post is all about using non-floral wedding decor to save money on your wedding decorations!

Wedding Budget Tip 38: Use non-floral items as decor!

Wedding Budget Tip #38:

Use non-floral decor for wedding centerpieces and other decorative accents.

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One simple way to save money is to use non-floral decor for your centerpieces. Let’s face it — fresh flowers can easily bust your budget, and they don’t last much longer than the wedding day itself. Sure, they’re beautiful… but for a bride on a tiny budget, it might be best to put that money towards something that will make a larger impact on her guests’ experience.

So what are some options for decor that don’t include fresh flowers? Oh, I’m so glad you asked! There are tons of things you can use to decorate your reception tables that don’t include live blooms. Take a look at these examples below:

Photo by The Burks


Consider using books in your color scheme, accessorized with candles, mirrors, etc. A simple centerpiece full of inexpensive items that you can consign or sell after the big day.

Photo via Wedding Republic


Craft yourself some cute paper pinwheels to use as centerpieces. You can display them in bottles or jars filled with anything from rice, coffee beans or marbles.

wedding favors featuring My M&M's


Craft a candy centerpiece like the one we featuring in this post. These cute little champagne cups filled with M&M’s make an adorable centerpiece that your guests can then take home as favors! Double duty = budget savvy!

ornament centerpiece
Via The Knot


If you’re having a holiday wedding, or even if you’re not, ornaments can be an inexpensive centerpiece idea. Fill a tall vase or several of varying sizes with ornaments that match your color scheme. Accessorize with candles for chic table decor!

wine bottle centerpieces
Via Wine & Redesign

Wine bottles:

Consider using wine bottles in your centerpieces. You can use them as-is or apply a coat of paint. Use them to hold sticks for a rustic look or insert tall candles into the necks.


Consider putting small arrangements of fruit on your tables instead of fresh florals. After the big day, you can make tons of fresh pies or lemonade with the fruit!

Of course, you can always count on snagging some cheap wedding items on Amazon! There are tons of ideas for non-floral decor, but these are just a few of our favorites. Are there any others that you love that we should include?

So tell us: are you using something other than flowers for your centerpieces?

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Wedding Budget Tip 38: Use non-floral items as decor!
Wedding Budget Tip 38: Use non-floral items as decor!

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