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Crafting Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony Script: A Modern Guide

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No matter if you’re having a nontraditional wedding ceremony, a religious one, or something in between, you’re going to need a ceremony script. To make sure it feels personalized for your relationship and reflects your love story, check out this advice from experienced officiant and founder of wedding ceremony and vows startup Provenance, Steven Greitzer, about everything that goes into crafting a custom wedding ceremony script.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already spent time searching the internet for ceremony scripts that resonate with you and your partner, hacking together lines from various “romantic” and “funny” script templates, while cross-referencing any “traditional” or “legal” phrases you want to (need to) include. Since we were in your shoes and were, quite frankly, pretty exhausted by that experience, my team and I created easy-to-use tools that allow you to create a personalized ceremony script that authentically reflects your love story. So let’s talk about what exactly you need to know to craft a wedding ceremony that feels like you.

Why Customize Your Wedding Ceremony Script?

A wedding ceremony script isn’t just a series of words recited on your big day. It’s an opportunity for you and your partner to communicate your love, promises, and dreams in front of the people who matter most in your lives. It’s the chance to reflect on your relationship and what got you to this moment, and for your community to witness (and play a role in) the transition to the next chapter of your lives as a married couple. It sets the tone for the rest of your wedding, and, more importantly, the next chapter in your relationship. You’ve taken the time to make sure every other detail of your big day feels like you – your ceremony should be no different.

Should my Wedding Ceremony Script be Funny? Romantic? Unique?

It’s totally up to you! Some people prefer it to be more traditional, some lean into humor, while others prefer a blend of heartfelt and comedy. A well-placed joke, funny vow, or a playful reading can create an atmosphere of joy and lightheartedness. Just be sure to strike the right balance and ensure that any humor is appropriate for your audience and genuine to your relationship.

What are the Parts and Order of a Modern Wedding Ceremony Script?

A wedding ceremony script is the blueprint of your wedding ceremony. It’s the sequence of events, the vows you exchange, the readings, and any other personal touches that reflect your unique love story. The great news is that you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you wish; there’s no order it legally needs to follow. While the order can change based on someone’s cultural, religious, or personal preference, ceremonies often follow the below outline:

Section 1: The Procession & Welcome

Section 2: Officiant’s Address

Section 3: Readings and Rituals

Section 4: Vows

Section 5: Ring Exchange & I Do’s

Section 6: Pronouncement, Kiss, & Celebration

Of course, there are readings and rituals that can be infused in other parts of the ceremony, and there’s no law that says you can’t start with a kiss, but the above is a suggested outline to use as a jumping off point. To help streamline this Provenance’s Ceremony Builder automatically structures every ceremony along this general cadence, including a breadth of helpful tips, cues and directions to ensure each member of the ceremony knows exactly what to do when.

It’s always advised to check with the local county clerk on what’s needed to make the ceremony legal. That said, there typically is no specific wording requirement so long as the below three requirements are met:

  1. Declaration of Intent: This is where each partner verbally declares that they intend to commit to each other legally and wish to enter the marriage contract of their own free will, facilitated by an authorized officiant in the presence of a witness (with the exception of self-solemnizing ceremonies).
    1. Traditional: “Do you take ___ as your lawful/wedded ____” “I Do.”
    2. Alternate version: “Do you with your whole heart, take __ as your partner, acknowledging their strengths, accepting their faults[…]” “I Do.”
  2. Pronouncement: This is where the officiant pronounces the couple as legally wed.
    1. Traditional: “I now pronounce you husband and wife”
    2. Alternate version: “I now pronounce you legally married!”
  3. Complete, Sign, and Return the Marriage License

Provenance’s Ceremony Builder offers several variations of these words that couples can select from.

How to Craft Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony Script?

Now, we know that crafting a wedding ceremony script may seem daunting. After all, there are countless elements to consider, and the pressure to get it just right can feel overwhelming. But have no fear – a team of experienced officiants, wedding planners, engaged, and married couples started Provenance to create collaborative AI tools – like the Ceremony Builder and Vow Builder – to help you get started.

The Provenance Ceremony Builder is simple and easy to use. Check out the steps below:

  1. Step 1: Take a look at this page to see how Provenance works.
  2. Step 2: Sign up for Provenance and invite your partner and your officiant to collaborate
  3. Step 3: Answer the Ceremony Builder questions of important details to include, reflections about your partner and your relationship, non-traditional and/or religious rituals and readings that resonate, and your preferred wording for the more official sections.
  4. Step 4: Click a button and watch your answers weave together into a first draft
  5. Step 5: Review, edit, perfect, and print up until the big day!
  6. (Optional Step 6): While it’s not necessary, you may consider having a professional review your script. The Provenance team can connect you with a professional speechwriter or public speaking coach.

Why Use an AI Wedding Ceremony Script and Vow Builder?

The Provenance AI Ceremony Builder and Vow Builder make it stress-free and fun to create a first draft. In addition to helping you overcome writer’s block, our Ceremony Builder guides you step-by-step through the ceremony writing process and encourages collaboration with your partner and officiant (where applicable). Our Vow Builder gives you the ability to view the length and tone of your partner’s vows without the contents, helping ensure balance when shared on the big day.

What else should be included in the Wedding Officiant Script?

If you’re having a friend or family member officiate, they might have some questions. We certainly had plenty when we officiated for the first time! The Ceremony Builder has the standard blocking that they would need to know, as well as the tools to help them craft and deliver a stellar speech.

Closing thoughts:

In the spirit of modernity and individuality, more couples are opting for personalized ceremonies. Here’s your chance to ditch the cookie-cutter format and create a ceremony that feels uniquely yours. Consider unique rituals, unconventional vows, or even including a personalized love story. Don’t be afraid to incorporate elements that truly represent your relationship. Get started using the Provenance Ceremony Builder and Vow Builder today.

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P.S. Have any questions about the Provenance Ceremony Builder or need a little extra guidance in creating your ceremony script? Check out our FAQs below for all the answers you need!


Q1: Should the Provenance Ceremony Builder be used for a religious, non-religious, or non-traditional wedding ceremony script?

Absolutely! The Provenance Ceremony Builder is designed to cater to all types of weddings, including religious, secular, and non-traditional. You can customize the script to align with your beliefs and values. Incorporating any of our 300+ readings and rituals is a fantastic way to make your wedding officiant script stand out. Contemporary poetry, song lyrics, or even quotes from your favorite movies can add a fresh and relatable touch to your ceremony. Take time to explore our different sources of inspiration that resonate with your love story.

Q2: Can I collaborate with my partner and officiant on the ceremony script using the Provenance Ceremony Builder?

Yes, you can! Our platform allows both you and your partner to work together alongside your officiant, ensuring that the ceremony script truly represents your love and shared vision.

Q3: What if I need additional support in crafting the perfect ceremony script?

In addition to our digital tools, we have premium services like professional speechwriting and public speaking. Schedule a call with our team so we can learn more about what you’re looking for and match you with the best professional speechwriter or public speaking coach to help you knock your speech out of the park.

Q4: Is the Provenance Ceremony Builder user-friendly for non-tech-savvy couples and officiants?

Definitely! We’ve designed the interface to be intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible to all couples, regardless of their tech expertise. You’ll have no trouble crafting a great ceremony script that captures your love story.

Q5: Can I use the Provenance Ceremony Builder if I have a destination wedding?

Absolutely! Our Ceremony Builder is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or a local celebration, you can create your perfect ceremony script at your convenience. Just make sure to check with the local county clerk to see what needs to be said and done to make the ceremony legal.

Q6: Can we include cultural or religious elements in our ceremony?

Absolutely! Your wedding ceremony script should reflect who you are as a couple. We have a library of 300+ rituals and readings, and you can include cultural, religious, or any other elements that reflect you and your relationship. Our Ceremony Builder allows for complete personalization, ensuring your ceremony is a true representation of your love and values.

Q7: What if we need help writing our vows?

We understand that writing vows can be emotional and challenging. Our Vow Builder includes helpful prompts and examples to guide you through the process of writing heartfelt and meaningful vows.

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Lawrence “Steven” Greitzer founded Provenance with the goal of making the ceremony building process more collaborative, more authentic, but less stressful. Provenance has been featured in outlets ranging from The Wall Street Journal to The Knot.