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Wedding Day Must Have's

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As my own big day approaches, I have been thinking about the things I will need for the wedding day. The few days before our wedding are going to be jam packed with setting up, finishing DIYs and welcoming our out of town guests. I want to have everything else ready to go and ready on the big day, and a list is the best way to make that happen! I have tasked my bridesmaids and family with getting some of these wedding day must have’s, and I will get the rest together. These are all things that you need to have to make sure your day goes smoothly.


This is a must have! If you are having a late wedding have both breakfast and lunch, if you are having an afternoon wedding, have breakfast and a snack before photos begin. It will be a long day, and most of the time there will be some alcohol involved. Food will help to keep you energized and feeling good!


Drink a lot of water! It’s also helpful to have some Ginger Ale on hand in case you get some butterflies. Mimosas are nice as well.

Alone Time

Spend a few minutes to relax and take it all in. This is finally your day, all of these people are here to celebrate your new marriage. Start the day with alone time by yourself, and then during the reception, take some time with your new husband.


Have this finished and in the hands of all of your vendors and bridesmaids prior to the big day. Most of the time your planner will take care of this, but if you are making your own, pay attention to details so you are saved the questions on the big day.

Vendor Contact Sheet

Include every vendors company name, name, and phone number. Give a copy of this to key family members, bridesmaids, vendors and the venue. This will help to keep you free of any questions throughout the day so you can relax.

Bag Packed for Wedding Night

Are you staying elsewhere after your wedding? Make sure you have a bag packed prior to your rehearsal day. This way it’s easy to grab and take with you to the hotel or wherever you go on your wedding night.

Getting Ready Outfit

When you are getting your hair and makeup done, you will need a top that is easy to get off without messing up your hair and makeup. A robe, tank top, button up, etc will all be great options.

What are your wedding day must-haves?


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