Wedding Dress Bra

Reader Kristen wrote:

You looked fantastic on your wedding day! I am a bride-to-be and a little on the busty side as I noticed you are, too. I saw a post about the bra you wore and how you could have found it cheaper with some research. I was wondering if you could give me some details about your wedding dress bra: brand, style number, anything?

Thanks for writing Kristen! Although I LOVED the bra I bought for under my wedding gown, I definitely did not research it at all, and could have saved half of the money I spent on it! From the beginning of my dress design my seamstress had me wear this bra- so I knew I needed to wear it on my wedding day since it fit perfectly under the dress. However, I ended up finding the same bra on eBay after the fact for half the price!! I paid $80 for my corset style bra by Felina. This seller on eBay has tons of sizes of these bras for only $40! The great thing about this bra is it has the bra hooks all the way up the back and it stays in place PERFECTLY. It has 3 different sets of hooks just like a regular bra so you can make it as tight as you want. I totally recommend this bra to any bride wearing a strapless gown!!

felina-braFelina Women's Essentials Seamless Pad Hidden Wire Bustier

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