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If you're on the hunt for wedding favor packaging, you will FLIP over the options available from one of my favorite online resources, Paper Mart. This site has tons of party supplies, craft supplies, favor boxes and bags, wedding supplies, ribbon, doilies, you name it — and their prices are seriously ahhhhh-mazing. I actually really love this website and ordered some packaging items for my own wedding favors and bridal party gifts from this site back in the stone ages. Okay, so it was actually not the stone ages, just 2009. 

So I thought it would be cool to introduce you to this resource as well as share some of my favorite favor box products they offer on the Paper Mart site! So without further ado, check out these adorable favor box options!



wedding favor packaging

Hexagon Shaped Boxes – Great for candies, mints, etc! I love the coppery gold color as well as the clear! They would be great with a cute custom sticker on them with your monogram.

Cone shaped favor boxes

These cute cones are also a great option for pre-portioned candies. Precious right?



wedding favor packaging

These kraft paper bags have foil enclosures (like a bag of coffee has). Best part? You can get a pack of 100 for only $13.60 

chinese takeout favor boxes

These Chinese Takeout Boxes are another great option for favors, to-go cupcakes, etc for your wedding favors.

kraft boxes wedding favor packaging

Then I also found some kraft paper boxes that I thought were super cute. They come in various sizes, but I love the perfect cubes (2 x 2 x 2 OR 4 x 4 x 4.) Since they are stackable they could create for a cute table display next to the buffet. Which I obviously love! It's all about the presentation, right?


I also love that any of these options would be simple to customize. You could either stamp/emboss a pretty little design onto each favor box/bag or create or buy sticker labels for them.

wedding favor packaging

Paper Mart also have a dedicated section for Wedding Supplies such as ribbon, faux rose petals, etc that is totally worth checking out.

Click here to save 15% on Wedding Supplies:

Fabric Bags, Favor Boxes & More!

Hope you find this wedding favor packaging resource helpful in your planning!


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  • Ashley

    Well, since I just a good deal of stamping, I’d say go with whatever can be flattest. If the bags will wrinkle when you try to stamp them, it’ll get rowdy. Likewise, if the boxes don’t break down, they’ll cave in the middle when you put pressure on them.

    If either would work, this situation is not so easy! Ha. Personally, I like the bag option… Partially for expense’s sake, but also because candy and bags just GO together.

    Just my two cents. ; ) You can’t lose here though!

  • Leika

    I definitely vote for bags of some type — as cute as the stacked boxes would be, that’s one more thing to do day-of! I agree with Ashley…candy and bags do seem to go together.

    How about using glassine-lined white paper bags, with the stamp? They’d be easy to keep flat, and you could just put out some stickers to seal them with. Bonus? They’re even cheaper — $10.49/100 at papermart. Check out how adorable they are at this rehearsal dinner on Snippet & Ink:

  • Nicole

    I’d go with the bags because they will be alot easier for people to carry out of the reception or throw in a purse, etc. Although the boxes are super cute! 🙂

  • i bought the bags with the windows, and of course now I think we are throwing out the favors all together, but I am sure I will find another use for them, they are great!

  • shamika

    My vote is for the paper.

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  • Krissi

    You may want to consider a company called, they have a HUGE variety of this type of stuff and so they could be cheaper. My work uses them for shipping supplies, but I’m buying my favors containers there.

  • I think the bags would be easier to place on the table… wouldn’t take up too much room. Plus… easier to handle. I vote for bags!

  • As cute as a tower of boxes would be, I think I have to vote for the bags. They just seem easier to stamp and transport without getting wrinkled or squashed.

  • i’m voting for the bags. i am also using the brown bag option to pack favors into, but i’m purchasing mine from wal-mart/sams because they are about $1.98 for 100. I’ll be using a white stamp on them so they show up, and stamp them flat and let air dry completely before opening up to avoid any wrinkles from happening. good luck with your decision-making!!

  • Amanda

    I also prefer the bags. They will show off all your beautiful candy and I think they have a more “classic”, look to them.

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