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Wedding Ideas for Introverts

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Are any of y’all introverted, but still having a pretty large wedding? We are. Our families take up a majority of the 150 people we plan to accommodate at our wedding and we are very excited to celebrate with so many people that we care deeply for!!! Brady and I are both moderately introverted, but we really enjoy spending time with people. We generally prefer to enjoy the company of others in smaller groups of say, up to 15 or so people. So many people watching me walk down a stretch of isle and saying really personal things in front of a large group makes me really nervous.

I am so excited to marry Brady and celebrate! And I have a few ideas of ways that we can hopefully be more comfortable and less nervous about attention from so many people both during the wedding ceremony and reception! Check out my wedding ideas for introverts!


During the Ceremony:

One thing that makes me very nervous is the prospect of having to not fall on my face while walking and having people look at me. Some couples may resolve this by walking in as a couple together. We want our parents to be involved, so I will be walking down with both my mom and dad. I feel like this will help me feel less nervous and I really wanted both my parents to walk with me since both of them have been so important and involved in my life.


Another tradition that we want to keep is having vows, although we plan to either write our own, but what we may end up doing is saying our vows in a more private way to one another. We plan to take a couple minutes during the ceremony while someone plays a song and do a moment of communion and say our vows to each other then. We like this idea because communion is an important part of our religion and although we will still be saying our personal vows in front of everyone, it won’t be into a microphone and there will be music for people to focus on instead of just the two of us.

After the wedding and before the reception, we are planning a short time for the two of us to just spend some moments together away from everyone before we join the party. It will give us a bit of time to get away and re-charge for the next couple hours of social interaction.


During the Reception:

Although we plan to take a minute to thank our guests, we do not plan on making any long speeches and do not plan on people making many (if any) toasts. We will also forego the traditions of the bouquet toss and the garter toss, which I don’t think people will miss!

We also plan to keep the tradition of a dad/daughter and mother/son dance–but with a very slight twist. We will each dance with our parent at the same time, so it’s not just on one or the other couple. Another thing we have not quite yet decided on is whether we will ask all dads and daughters and mothers and sons to join in dancing. It would take even more pressure off of us, but we still have a couple months to decide!


Instead of doing a receiving line, we will be greeting our guests by going around to the tables. It seems to us to be a much more personal way to connect with our guests and then if we feel overwhelmed at any point we can step aside for a few minutes and collect ourselves before going back to chat with more people. Our venue is a cute cottage, and the reception is in the back yard area of it, so one nice thing is that we can always go into the house to get away without going far from the party.

Although having a wedding day coordinator will help a lot with details of getting things ready and transitioning smoothly during the wedding and reception, we are excited to have someone who can take all of the wedding-day questions/concerns/comments so that we will not have to deal with it directly ourselves.

Any introverts out there? What are you doing to make your wedding and reception more comfortable for you?

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