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Wedding Invitation Wording: Do's and Don'ts

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Feeling confused about what should your wedding invitations say? Fear not– we’re breaking down the do’s and don’ts of wedding invitation wording!


Wedding invitations have come a long way in terms of look, feel, and formality. One thing that has stayed the same is the details that need to be included.

Etiquette rules, tricky family situations, and proper wording can seem overwhelming but this post will help you navigate exactly how to word your invitations to match your wedding vision, with the help of our friends at Minted! But first, let’s talk about the pieces that make up a wedding invitation!

Wedding Invitations Pieces + Their Purpose

1 • The Wedding Invitation

Your wedding invitation is the star of the show when it comes to your paper goods. The most important information about your celebration will be included here. (We’ll go into this in more detail below!)

2 • RSVP Card

The RSVP card is a separate card that you can include for your guests to mail back to respond to your invitation. You might also include other details you’d like to know such as catering preferences, song choices, etc.

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3 • Envelope

Typically, your wedding invitation and any enclosures will be secured in an envelope addressed to your guests. The wording for your envelopes is very important, and we’ll discuss this further below.

4 • Reception Card (optional)

In the case of a formal wedding with two separate venues for the ceremony and reception, you might opt to include a Reception Card with details on the location. You might also include directions for your guests if you are not providing transportation between the ceremony and reception.

5 • Direction Card (optional)

The Directions Card is another optional piece that you might include in a formal invitation. This usually shares your wedding location and driving directions for your guests. But y’all — we live in a modern world. Everyone has Google Maps, so we say this is not a necessary expense.

Wedding Invitation Wording from Minted

Wedding Invitation Wording Do’s and Don’ts

When considering the wording for your invitation, there are several rules you’ll need to follow to make sure it’s done right.

Here are some must-do’s and definite don’ts when it comes to your wedding invitations. Some of these tips address traditional wedding etiquette, while others are simply best practices.

You know we love bucking traditions when they don’t feel aligned, so feel free to take what you will from these guidelines!

Invitation Wording Do’s:

Do include both of your names on the invite.

While you could go modern and just include first names, it could potentially cause confusion. If your guest list is largely made up of people who know only one of you or perhaps are just friends of your parents, it’s a good idea to include last names, too.

Do include your wedding date and time.

Be specific and use the month, day, and year. You should also be specific about the time of your wedding. Use exact times, for example, “Reception begins at 6:00pm.”

Do include locations for ceremony and reception, if different.

If you are planning a formal event, you might include the reception information on a separate enclosure card. But if you can fit both locations on your invitations, that’s great, too!

Do be specific with addressing your invites.

If you’re allowing space for someone to bring a guest, be sure to include “and guest” on the envelope, or preferably, include the guest’s actual name. For families, you also need to take care to be specific. If an entire household is invited, you can address the envelope to “The Miller Family.” If you don’t plan to allow children at your event, make sure to address the envelope just to the parents, ie “Mr. and Mrs. Miller.”

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Do use consistent wording and tone.

Be consistent with the level of formality throughout your wedding invitations, response card, wedding website, etc. If you’re having a formal wedding, use the more formal versions of wedding invitation wording. Opting for a more casual celebration? Feel free to use less formal language on your wedding stationery.

Minted BHLDN Wedding Invitation Collection
BHLDN Collection from Minted

Invitation Wording Don’ts:

Don’t ask for gifts.

This one is all too common, but it’s actually the biggest don’t of them all. Including a line that says something like “Please bring a gift” or “Registry will be provided at the reception” is always a no-no. Gifts should never be mentioned on invitations. You can easily include that information on your wedding website. (PS– did you know you can get a FREE wedding website from Minted!)

Don’t list “adults only” on the invitation.

If you’re having an adults-only wedding reception, you should be clear but not use language that could be off-putting, such as “no children.” You can avoid awkwardness by being specific about who exactly is invited via the way you address your invitations. You could also reiterate this preference on your wedding website.

Don’t overlook important details.

If you need to collect meal preferences, song selections for your reception playlist, or any other information from your guests, feel free to include those questions on your response cards.

Don’t give too tight a deadline.

It’s best to set your RSVP deadline within 3 weeks prior to the wedding so you have accurate numbers to give you caterers and other relevant vendors. You don’t want to have to spend the week before your wedding hunting down late responders so you can finalize a seating chart, so stick to this important rule of thumb.

Don’t make abbreviations.

Traditional wedding invitation etiquette requires you to spell out many words that might seem strange in a normal situation. You should spell out cities, states, numbered streets, times, dates, and years (e.g. four o’clock, April eleventh.) Also of note, you should not include the word “and” in a year (e.g. two thousand twenty two).

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