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DIY Wedding Lounge Furniture

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DIY Wedding Lounge Furniture

Do you want a wedding lounge area with sofas, chairs and tables, and then you look at the prices to rent these pieces, and quickly remove the thought from your memory? Then you return to Pinterest a few hours days later only to remember how beautiful they look? I am here to give you that boost of confidence to make your dreams come true, but do it yourself!

Craigslist, yard sales and garage sales will be your first step. We were able to find a few side tables, coffee tables, and sofas from these outlets. Then it was time to decide what to do with them. It was still pretty cold outside when we started this process, so I was transforming these pieces in our basement kitchen. Thankfully I had several drop cloths.

I knew I wanted to include mint somehow, but I also want to be able to keep these in my inventory for my future brides, so I kept it simple. This is how you can make your own DIY coffee table for the centerpiece of a lounge area.


Start by sanding the glossy finish off of the table. This will give you a smoother area to work with, and it will also hold the paint better. 

After you have sanded the entire table, decide if you will use stain or paint. I used dark stain for the top, and painted the legs.


I read to use Chalk Paint for the legs, but that stuff is expensive, so I purchased a sample size of Olympic Satin Paint in Tenderness. It worked perfectly for half of the price!


I used two coats of the paint, and one coat of stain for the final product and I am so happy with how it turned out!


A Modern Alternative

Interested in a more modern piece of lounge furniture? Head on over to DIY Candy to see how you can make your very own Williams Sonoma Inspired Bench!


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