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Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs - A Cheap Alternative?

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Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs – A Cheap Alternative?
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Getting a wedding Ring Tattoo isn’t something you often read about on wedding blogs. They’re definitely not very traditional, and then there’s the permanency part. I mean, hopefully your marriage is permanent as well, but I’ve always struggled with the idea of tattoos because I’m afraid my tastes would change and I’d end up hating it down the road.

However, if you’re looking to bring in your wedding under budget, a well-designed tattoo ring might be a unique way to save some money!

Let’s take a quick look at the off-the-wall world of wedding ring tattoo designs, including how much a wedding ring tattoo design typically costs and why this might make sense for the more off-beat or non-traditional bride.

Are Wedding Ring Tattoos more affordable than the real thing?

Wedding ring tattoo designs might not be something you typically consider when thinking about how to bring in your wedding under budget. But at the end of the day, no matter how fancy your design, it will probably cost 25-50% less than your average wedding band. So now are you starting to see the budget-friendly appeal of wedding ring tattoos?

The other positive about wedding ring tattoo designs is that they will last forever. As long as you care for your wedding ring tattoo it will be as everlasting as your love. And hey, there is no way of losing your wedding ring tattoo the way you might misplace your regular wedding ring. Many a time I’ve found my hubby’s wedding ring sitting on the bathroom sink in the morning… meaning he forgot to put it on before going to work. (For the record, I love heckling him about this and usually text him a photo of the lonely ring sitting on the counter…) This is something you wouldn’t have to worry about if your wedding ring was a tattoo!

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So while wedding ring tattoo designs are a little off the beaten path, they are still a creative way to cut down costs on your special day.

Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs Are More Creative Than You Think!

Wedding ring tattoo designs are also a creative way to express yourself on your wedding day. And that’s because with your custom wedding ring tattoo designs you’re able to choose exactly how you want your “wedding ring” to look. You don’t have to conform to simple silver or gold. The myriad choices of design, color and style mean you and your partner can express yourself in a whole new way… even if you can’t put them on at the altar!

wedding ring tattoo designs

Sources: L to R, top to bottom: Tribal Ring Tattoo Design  //  Heart and Key Wedding Ring Tattoo Design  //  Musical Notes Wedding Ring Tattoo Design  //  Infinity Wedding Ring Tattoo Design  //  Roman Numeral Wedding Ring Tattoo Design //  Infinity Symbol Wedding Ring Tattoo Design

So given the affordability and creativity associated with tattoo wedding rings, I wouldn’t blame you for being curious in what these designs actually look like. There are a plethora of wedding ring tattoo designs here. And The Alternative Bride also has some great tips on picking your design and caring for wedding ring tattoos.

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