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Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes on a Budget

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The dress was easy to find. The bridesmaids’ dresses were easy too. If what you’re really struggling with is finding the perfect wedding shoe, this post is for you!

Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes on a Budget

Do you consider yourself one of “those” girls who loves and lives for shoes? Or maybe you don’t, but you’re just having trouble finding affordable and stylish wedding shoes for your big day. We love helping brides save time and money, so we’ve rounded up our favorite resources for wedding shoes of all kinds.

Do you have your heart set on a pair of luxury designer pumps like the iconic Badgley Mischka’s that Carrie wears in Sex and the City? Or maybe you’re looking for something with the perfect balance of style and comfort like the ever-popular Kate Spade Keds for weddings?

No matter what your shoe style, this post has suggestions for all your wedding shoe shopping needs and budgets. Let’s kick off our shoe hunt with our favorite places to score amazing wedding shoes on a budget:

birdy grey wedding shoes
birdy grey wedding shoes
birdy grey wedding shoes
birdy grey wedding shoes

Birdy Grey

One of our favorite sources for affordable bridesmaids dresses, Birdy Grey, has recently debuted their own collection of wedding shoes! We’ve fallen head over heels for these chic and affordable vegan leather sandals! They are crafted with plush memory foam padding to keep your feet comfy while fulfilling your wedding day duties and come in 2 colors (nude and gold– sure to match whatever style you’re rocking) and 2 styles (chunky block heel or stiletto!)

Where to Buy Affordable Wedding Shoes

  • Amazon.com: Free 2-way shipping for Prime Members and a HUGE assortment of styles and brands to choose from.
  • DSW.com: Great deals just like in-store. Free ground shipping on anything when you sign up as a VIP (totally free!)
  • Zappos.com: Free hassle-free returns. Order a bunch to try, keep what you like and send back the rest! Plus they have killer sales.
  • eBay.com: You may just find a diamond in the rough on eBay. Gently worn or brand new — you could find a great deal.
  • Poshmark: This is an especially great option if you’re looking for a designer brand like Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik. You might just find a pair worn only once by another bride!
  • Modcloth: They’ve got great vintage styles if you’re looking for something with extra flair.

You will find all the great designer brands on these sites. Each of these retailers runs daily deals and sales on specific brands.

wedding shoe photo
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Tips for Scoring your Wedding Shoes for Cheap

  • If you have a specific brand you love, try to go back and check on that brand every week or so to see what is new and available, or on sale.
  • Shop seasonal sales to take advantage of special offers, holiday discounts, etc.
  • Make sure to check our Wedding Deals area for sales on wedding shoes!
  • Shop at Outlet Malls– you may just score a deal of a lifetime!
  • If you want a brightly colored shoe, shop in the spring or summer. Don’t want until you are in the throes of planning mid-January or you may have a harder time finding bright-hued options.

Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

You’re probably putting a lot of thought and care into assembling the perfect wedding day look. From your veil to your dress to all the accessories in between, you want to create an ensemble that allows you to feel both comfortable and confident!

Your wedding shoes, while not the star of the show, will play a role in your overall look. Finding the perfect pair of shoes that looks gorgeous while maintaining comfort is not always an easy task. There are several factors to keep in mind such as your wedding theme and venue, as well as heel height, color, and comfort level. Below, we’ll share detailed information about each of these important factors to help you make your final footwear selection!

Choosing a Shoe based on Your Wedding Theme:

Wedding themes have become more and more popular in recent years. Themes can be quite understated and subtle or can be quite kitschy and obvious. Your theme will likely carry over into several elements of your event from the decorations to the menu, to your attire– including your shoes!

Choosing elements that coordinate with your wedding theme is a great way to create a cohesive feel to your wedding, and that includes themed wedding shoes! When all the finer details coordinate in aesthetic or motif, it creates a cohesive, luxurious look for any event.

Vintage-themed weddings remain popular and can be easily incorporated into your shoe choice. Picking wedding shoes that mimic timeless styles from any other era is a simple way to incorporate your theme into your wedding day look. You can call out your wedding theme via your shoe choice through the style, color, or details of the shoes.

Color is another important piece of coordinating your shoes to your wedding theme. Of course, you could choose to wear any color shoe you’d like, but the most common color choice for wedding shoes is white. Off-white and ivory shoes are also popular choices, especially if the wedding dress isn’t bright white. Blue wedding shoes are also quite popular as a nod to the wedding tradition of wearing Something Blue. Choosing shoes in a contrasting color to your gown is a great option for brides looking to make a statement and add a pop of color to their ensemble, while also coordinating with your theme.

Choosing a Shoe based on Your Wedding Venue:

Your wedding venue will likely play a large role in the process of deciding on your wedding shoes. If your wedding will be held outdoors, you’ll need to keep comfort and walkability in mind if you will be on uneven terrain. Weddings held on the beach or in a garden will require walking across ground that isn’t completely stable, so you’ll likely want to avoid high-heeled shoes.

If you are concerned about your heels sinking into soft ground at your wedding site, consider styles with block heels or even flats for easier mobility. You can easily make any heel style a bit more stable with heel protectors if your heart is set on high-heels.

Also, comfort is a big factor in selecting your wedding shoes. Make sure to consider how weather or temperature of your wedding location may impact your shoe choice. For winter weddings, brides may choose warmer footwear such as a heeled bootie, while summer brides may be more comfortable in a sandal or strappy heel.

Our friends at Simply Bridal shared this fun graphic with us and we couldn't resist sharing!
Our friends at Simply Bridal shared this fun graphic with us and we couldn’t resist sharing!

What style of shoes will you wear on your wedding day? Will you be switching your wedding shoes halfway through the day/night?

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affordable wedding shoes
affordable wedding shoes
affordable wedding shoes

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