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25 Best Wedding Sneakers for Chic and Comfy Feet!

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Discover the trendiest and most comfortable options with our roundup of the best wedding sneakers, perfect for modern brides.


Calling all brides-to-be who value comfort and still love style on their wedding day!

If you’re anything like me, the thought of squeezing your feet into towering heels for hours on end might be sending shivers down your spine. But gone are the days of burning feet and ankle blisters. Wedding sneakers are a THING! And, quite frankly, we are here for it!

Forget Julia Roberts in a ‘Runaway Bride’ moment – nobody needs you to sprint a marathon at your ceremony. But wearing sneakers means you’ll be able to dance, run, and yes, even jump for joy without a single blister in sight!

Your wedding day is about celebrating YOU and your unique style, and if that means saying “I do” in bridal sneakers, then it’s time to lace up.

And we’ve found a ton of the cutest wedding tennis shoes around for you to choose! From classic white with delicate lace detailing, to glitter-drenched stunners that demand the spotlight, we’ve got options for every bride’s unique taste and vision. After all, we are big believers that your wedding day is the perfect excuse to wear sneakers that not only showcase your style but also let you dance the night away without a single worry. 

So, buckle up (or should I say, lace up?)  It’s time to redefine traditional bridal shoes, one step at a time.

25 Cute Wedding Sneakers for Brides

Our sneaker round-up has options for every bridal budget, with many coming in cheaper than a regular pair of wedding sandals. How’s that for Budget Savvy! 

At some of these prices you can even decide to wear heels for the ceremony at the altar, and get some bridal sneakers for dancing at your reception!

Glitter Wedding Tennis Shoes

Keds Glitter Wedding Tennis Shoes

Keds • $79.95

You’ll never want to wear heels again after seeing these Keds wedding shoes. If your dress isn’t completely white, then these cream and glitter Keds are perfect to walk you down the aisle to your happily ever after! Plus they come in other colors and even kids’ sizes so you can match footwear with your junior bridesmaids and flower girls too!

Converse Wedding Shoes Custom All Star

Converse Wedding Shoes Custom All Star

Converse • $100

Stop the presses! The perfect footwear may just be these fully custom Converse wedding sneakers! You can choose everything about these shoes to make them extra special. The colors, the material, the eyelets, the laces, and even add your name, number, or personal, embroidered text. We love the blue ‘just married’ sole design. They’d also be perfect airport shoes for when you jet off on your honeymoon.

Lulus Bride2Be Rhinestone Sneakers

Lulus Bride2Be Rhinestone Sneakers

Lulus • $42

We’ll all know whose special day it is with these bling tennis shoes for wedding. And not only for your big day – these would be fab to wear on your bachelorette weekend, or for your honeymoon after too! 

The diamante detail on the velcro strap levels these ‘bride’ tennis shoes from basic to must-have!

Nordstrom Dolce Vita Zina Pearl Sneakers

Dolce Vita Zina Pearl Sneakers

Nordstrom • $160

It can’t get any cuter than these pearl-covered kicks by Dolce Vita. With extra metallic details, these swoon-worthy ivory wedding sneakers can complete the look for any bridal outfit. 

Air Force 1 nike wedding shoes

Air Force 1 ’07 Nike Wedding Shoes

REVOLVE • $110

For the purists, the classic white of the Nike Air Force 1 makes the ultimate wedding sneakers. Nike not only looks great straight from the box, but if you’re a DIY bride, you can also bling up that swoosh to make them into your own custom wedding sneakers for your special day.

Keds x Rifle Paper Co. Jacquard Sneaker

Keds x Rifle Paper Co. Jacquard Sneaker

Keds • $84.95

Prepare to be enamored by the embroidered patterns, gilded luster, and dazzling eyelets, all conspiring to make these wedding Keds the epitome of sophistication. For the most extravagant of brides, these stunning shoes can go from ceremony to the dance floor at the after-party.

Lulus Cassay Rhinestone Platform Bridal Sneakers

Lulus Cassay Rhinestone Platform Bridal Sneakers

Lulus • $35

We love these cute slip-on bedazzled wedding sneakers by Lulus, and we’re even more enamored by the price tag! These are definitely a pair that you can call Budget Savvy, but still are special enough for your big day!

DSW Adidas Wedding Sneakers Grand Court 2.0 

Adidas Wedding Sneakers Grand Court 2.0 

DSW • $69.99

The easy choice, the Adidas Grand Court, draws inspiration from the iconic Adidas Superstar. Its classic lace-up design offers a versatile silhouette that flawlessly complements any wedding dress, ensuring you radiate both comfort and style on your special day.

Converse wedding shoes

Converse High Tops

Nordstrom • $65

We’ve already had the low-top sneakers by Converse on our list, but we also love the high-top wedding Converse shoes, too! You can find them in a whole range of colors including pink and sage green, so why not make your footwear a cute way to tie in with your wedding theme and have the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear them too!? 

Nordstrom Dolce Vita Dolley Bridal Tennis Shoes

Dolce Vita Dolley Bridal Tennis Shoes

Nordstrom • $165

The retro-inspired look of these stylish sneakers not only looks comfortable, but will allow you to dance all through your reception! Covered in tiny pearls, with metallic patches, these unique kicks are simply gorge!

Steve Madden chunky bridal sneakers platform

Steve Madden Chunky White Sneakers

ASOS • $99.95

These Steve Maddens follow the chunky sneaker trend that is here to stay. Who needs heels with a platform sole like this! Go to new heights, with none of the pain of heels, allowing you to dance all night long.

Vans Era Platform Sparkle Check

Vans Era Platform Sparkle Check

ASOS • $65

All that shimmer isn’t gold – it’s Vans! These bridal sneakers have a subtle, yet bridal pearlescent vibe, and are cute enough to wear again after your wedding date too! We LOVE the glittery sparkles on the laces.

Asos Duet Flatform White Wedding Sneakers

Asos Duet Flatform White Wedding Sneakers

ASOS • $37.99

Bargain loving brides-to-be will love these ASOS plain white kicks. Simple yet stylish, these flatforms will give you added height, and go with any gown. For brides with wider tootsies, they are also available in a wide-fit option too. 

Zappos Kate Spade Wedding Sneakers

Kate Spade Wedding Sneakers

Zappos • $198

They may have a heftier price tag, but Kate Spade is a name that many would love to wear. So why not push the boat out for your big day? These wedding tennis shoes for bride have a crochet design that screams spring. And they’re cute enough to rock on a city-break honeymoon trip after the big day too. 

Gola Coaster Rainbow Striped Sneaker


Celebrate your love with PRIDE! These cute rainbow sneakers are a nice way to show your love and enter wedded bliss. Their vintage vibe is a look that we LOVE, and won’t look dated in seasons to come.  

Betsey Johnson Kane Wedding Sneaker

Betsey Johnson Kane Sneaker

DSW • $78.99

Here comes the ‘Bride’ in this glitter pair of bridal sneakers. You can go from tying the knot in these kicks all the way to dancing the night away at your reception. 

They’re available in classic white, or why not wear them as your something blue?

Etsy Bridal Wedge Sneakers

Etsy Bridal Wedge Sneakers

Etsy • $123.65

For maximum heel height, but the comfort of tennis shoes, check out these customized Etsy wedding sneakers. They have a fancy transparent mesh design and a customizable height. The style of this shoe would make it great for brides having a beach wedding, but who need to add some height!

Lulus Calissa White Bow Flatforms

Lulus Calissa White Bow Flatforms

Lulus • $39

All wrapped up with a bow on top! Well, that’s these white wedding tennis shoes to a tee! These simple sneakers are easy to wear and will be great to swap into for an evening reception after wearing heels all day. And the price makes them oh-so-affordable! Choose from the shiny gold or plain white for your preferred look.

Nordstrom Converse Platform White Bridal Sneakers

Converse Platform White Bridal Sneakers

Nordstrom • $70

Bring the ultimate comfort and style vibe to your wedding day with these bridal Converse. We love the simplicity of their classic white flats. Why not mix and match and have the groom wear Converse wedding sneakers too? 

Amazon JIAJIA Wedding Tennis Shoes Bridal

JIAJIA Wedding Tennis Shoes Bridal


Elevate your footwear with these transparent ivory lace wedding sneakers, marrying elegance and comfort effortlessly. Adorned with rhinestones and satin ribbon laces, they offer a unique blend of classic charm and modern style, ensuring you walk down the aisle in both grace and glamour.

J. Adams Wally Platform Sneakers with Bow

J. Adams Wally Platform Sneakers with Bow


Add a touch of sporty charm in the form of these flatforms. These slip-on shoes not only sport an eye-catching silhouette, complete with an oversized bow, but also offer the confidence of added height and exceptional comfort, ensuring you walk down the aisle feeling adorable and light as air.

Zappos Betsey Johnson Bridal Sneakers Platform

Betsey Johnson Bridal Sneakers Platform

Zappos • $89.00

Intricately adorned with sparkling rhinestones, these sparkly sneakers for wedding effortlessly blend glamour and comfort, adding a touch of sophistication to your casual bridal ensemble. These special shoes can be used long after your big day, giving you a lasting memory of your life’s biggest moments that you can keep on your feet!

Amazon Cole Haan Silver Wedding Sneakers

Cole Haan Silver Sneakers For Wedding


Simple sparkle, classic style. You’ll be able to sprint to the altar in these! We love how glitzy they are, without the texture of gems. See us wearing these to our wedding, and then rocking them for everyday use after!

DSW Vintage Havana Prissy Sneaker

Vintage Havana Prissy Sneaker

DSW • $130

Let these bling wedding sneakers be the ‘star’ attraction at your wedding! Covered with glittering rhinestones, in a classic design they will allow you to look great and in comfort all day long. 

Macys Kate Spade Bridal Sneakers

Kate Spade Women’s Lift Bridal Sneakers

Macys • $128

These Kate Spades reimagine the timeless white sneaker style by introducing a playful burst of color through a gold contrast collar. Your special day deserves a touch of vibrant flair, and these sneakers deliver just that.

FAQs: Wedding Sneakers for Brides

Is it OK to wear sneakers to a wedding?

Absolutely! Sneakers at a wedding are a great way to add a sprinkle of cool to your wedding style. 

Especially if you’re not a heels person on the daily – why would you want to put your feet through the pain of fancy shoes on your big day? Embrace the comfort and style your feet in the way your inner trendsetter will be proud of. It’s all about owning your look with confidence and flair! 

Can I wear sneakers under my wedding dress?

Many brides are opting for sneakers or other comfier footwear options for their wedding. With a lot of longer wedding gowns, your guests may not even be able to see your bridal shoes anyway! 

Even a short wedding dress with sneakers can look super cool – especially for a city wedding or a getaway elopement.

So why not wear white sneakers for wedding that will allow you to run, jump, and dance to your heart’s content on your special day?

Can I change my wedding footwear to sneakers?

Many brides are now choosing to invest in 2 pairs of wedding footwear, maybe a classic sandal for the ceremony, but then a comfier sneakers for the evening ceremony, so dancing is a breeze! 

But, be aware that going from a taller heel to a flatter sneaker may cause your dress to be a bit longer in length, so don’t trip on it when dancing (speaking from experience…!)

Can my bridesmaids wear sneakers?

A wedding is YOUR day, so what you want goes! Wedding sneakers for bridesmaids isn’t unheard of – and your gal pals might be overjoyed at not needing to wear heels all day! 

They can even make for fun wedding pictures, with the contrast between formal gowns and casual sneakers being the focus!

Why are wedding sneakers so popular?

Wedding sneakers are the talk of the town because they combine the best of both worlds: chic style and happy feet! They are the most comfortable wedding shoes for brides – topping any other shoe type we know! Plus there are so many budget-friendly options, even from well-known sneaker brands. 

Not only can you wear your sneakers for your big day, but they’re also easy to wear again, giving you fun memories of your special day with every wear. 

What do you think are the best wedding tennis shoes?

Are you going to wear bridal sneakers for wedding day? 

Join us in our community to tell us about your bridal kicks!

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