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When to Get Wedding Suits Based on Your Wedding Date

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Curious about when to get wedding suits based on your wedding date? This guide will ensure you get the perfect suit in time for the big day.


If you’re newly engaged, you might feel overwhelmed with the list of to-dos involved in wedding planning. The key to managing the planning process with ease is knowing what to do and when to do it! A good wedding checklist will include everything you need to do, such as when to send save the dates and invitations, when to order your wedding flowers, and even when to purchase the wedding dress or when to get wedding suits for the groom and groomsmen.

When planning a wedding as the groom, one of your most important jobs is showing up looking and feeling your best on the big day. Part of achieving that goal is by choosing your outfit to wear for the ceremony and reception. Whether you’re planning a formal wedding or a casual one, selecting the best men’s wedding suit or tuxedo to wear to your wedding is an important decision. And don’t forget about the groomsmen’s suits, too! If we can provide some advice, it’s this: don’t leave your suit shopping until the last minute.

Choosing wedding suits for the groom and groomsmen

Another piece of advice: we’re bigger fans of buying wedding suits than renting them. Who wants to wear a suit that some other sweaty guy wore last weekend? If you think you’ll get re-use out of a well-made suit (think, future weddings and events), then renting a wedding suit might be a costly mistake.

There are several rules of thumb for wedding attire that couples tend to follow. The bride often selects her wedding gown well ahead of the big day; the typical recommendation is at least six months before the wedding. This can also be a good guideline for buying bridesmaids dresses, as well as wedding suits for the groom and groomsmen.

Most grooms start shopping for their wedding suits long before the big day arrives. But when is the right time to order them? How long ahead of time do you need to place your order to ensure you have a suit that fits well and looks great? Keep reading for tips, advice, and a helpful chart to guide you!

When should you buy groom and groomsmen suits for a wedding?

If you’re wondering when during the wedding planning process a groom is supposed to get his wedding suit, look no further than this handy guide from The Modern Groom. Simply find your wedding month and reference the suggested time for the groom to select his suit and place an order. Knowing what time of year to start shopping helps ensure you don’t wait till the last minute!

When should you order wedding suits for the groom and groomsmen? Check out this handy chart by The Modern Groom

For Spring Weddings

If you’re getting married in the spring, shop for suits in late fall/early winter.

The Modern Groom recommends for weddings in March, April, or May, select and place an order for the groom’s suit by November, December, and January, respectively.

For Summer Weddings

If you’re getting married in the summer, shop for suits in late winter/early spring.

The Modern Groom recommends for weddings in June, July, or August, select and place an order for the groom’s suit by February, March, and April, respectively.

For Fall Weddings

If you’re getting married in the fall, shop for suits in late spring/early summer.

The Modern Groom recommends for weddings in September, October, or November, select and place an order for the groom’s suit by May, June, and July, respectively.

For Winter Weddings

If you’re getting married in the winter, shop for suits in the late summer/early fall.

The Modern Groom recommends for weddings in December, January, or February, select and place an order for the groom’s suit by August, September, and October, respectively.

These lead times give ample time to sort out any minor adjustments or alterations needed for a perfect fit. The most that should be necessary to tailor the suits is to hem the trousers to the perfect length.

How to Organize the Groomsmen to Buy Wedding Suits

Organizing a group of guys can be a challenge at times, so follow these simple steps from The Modern Groom to make the process as stress-free as possible!

Step 1: Start a Group Message

Once the groom has selected his chosen suit from The Modern Groom, it’s time to let the group know! Pro tip: start a group text or email thread for all the guys involved so that everyone gets the same updates.

Step 2: Give the Guys a Heads Up

Inform the guys that you’ll be using The Modern Groom for your wedding suits. Let them know how amazing it is that the cost is super similar to a rental, but they get to keep their beautiful new suit after the wedding! Send the special link to the group portal where they can submit their measurements and make their payments.

Step 3: Follow Up to Make Sure They Followed Through

Pro tip: Make sure you follow up with the guys to confirm they’ve officially placed their orders. The Modern Groom will take care of the rest!

About The Modern Groom’s Suit Packages

The items included vary based on which package you select from The Modern Groom.

  • The basic package includes a three-piece suit with a suit jacket, pants, and a vest. The guys will need to sort out their own accessories, such as shirts, ties, suspenders, cufflinks, etc.
  • The full package includes a 3-piece suit as well as a shirt, belt, tie, pocket square, socks, and shoes.

The Modern Groom’s suits come in a curated selection of classic colors. Choose from black suits, charcoal or light gray, and Midnight blue or navy suits. Pick the color that best coordinates with your color scheme for the special day.

If you have other questions about outfits for the groom, groomsmen, or even guests, check out our collection of Men’s Wedding Attire FAQs!

Suiting Up For the Wedding the Savvy Way

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