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Why Printing Your Wedding Photos is Super Important!

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Why Printing Your Wedding Photos is Super Important!

This post is shared in partnership with CanvasDiscount.com, an affordable source for printing your wedding photos on all types of decorative products for your home. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make this site’s free resources possible.

canvas discount - print your wedding photos

You’re likely spending a pretty penny on photography between your engagement photos and your wedding day. Make sure those gorgeous images don’t just live digitally on your phone or an external hard drive forever. Print ?? those ?? pics! ??

Why do we think that printing your wedding photos is so important? Because it can actually strengthen your marriage. Seriously.

canvas discount - print your wedding photos

Printing Your Photos can Strengthen Your Marriage

Looking at printed photos of you and your partner together helps increase the reflection on happy memories. Seeing printed photos can actually help you and your spouse feel a stronger sense of connection and an increase in marital satisfaction! What better reason could there be to order custom canvas prints and photo gifts featuring your favorite wedding photos?

Wedding Photos as Home Decor > A Pricey Wedding Album

Don’t get it twisted. Of course, we are big fans of putting together a wedding album to include as many of your photos as possible. But there’s something else we like even more, and that’s hanging your wedding pictures in your home!

Why? You’re more likely to actually see them on a daily basis and therefore reflect upon your relationship more fondly as a result.

canvas discount - print your wedding photos

Some ideas of where and how you can display your wedding pics:

  • One large photo canvas in your bedroom
  • A trio of metallic prints above your sofa in the living room
  • As part of a gallery wall of different prints in your hallway or entryway
  • A few acrylic block prints on a bookshelf in your den
  • On a custom photo mug that you keep at your workplace
  • A photo print pillow on an accent chair

Place your photos somewhere that you and your partner will be sure to see them often. Seeing photos of happy times will help remind you both of the reasons why you’re together, and reinforce the love you have for one another, even when times get tough.

Which wedding photos should we print?

When it comes to selecting which wedding photos you want to print, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Start by narrowing down the images into only photos that contain people. Let’s be real, you probably won’t print any decor photos or details. Why would you want a giant wedding cake hanging on your wall? Those are better left for your wedding album. Focus on choosing images of the people who matter most to you!

Of course, you’ll probably focus on the images of the two of you that you love most. But don’t forget to choose a few family images, too. Studies show that couples who have strong familial bonds also have stronger marriages, so choose a few favorite wedding family photos to display around your home!

Our best advice is to choose between 10-20 favorites that you could print in various mediums to include in your home decor.

Where should I print my wedding photos?

Where you print your photos matters a lot. You want to choose a seller that produces good quality prints, whether you’re printing small paper prints to be framed or canvas to hang on your wall.

A great source for printing decorative products is CanvasDiscount.com. They specialize in producing customized, high-quality wall decor and lifestyle accessories such as photo canvas, framed photos, cushions, blankets, star maps and many more. Their products serve as the perfect solution for affordable and personalized gifts for every occasion: weddings, birthdays, holidays, family gatherings or simply home decoration.

canvas discount - print your wedding photos
canvas discount

Why choose CanvasDicount.com?

high-quality products at affordable prices

And of course, since we’re all about sharing #budgetsavvy options, it goes without saying that CanvasDiscount.com has some of the best prices on the block. They’ve actually got a Lowest-Price-in-the-USA-Guarantee, so you’re sure to snag the best deal on your canvases.

simple, flat rate shipping

Plus, you’ll score nationwide shipping via UPS for only $7.90, no matter how many products you order! Whether you select a single canvas or a whole gallery wall, your order ships for one flat rate.

designer options at discount prices

When you select a canvas print from CanvasDiscount.com, you’ll get to specify the type of edge you want on your products. Choose from folded, mirrored, stretched, black, or white edges to get the designer effect you desire. You can even have your canvases framed for a high-end look.

trusted seller of canvas prints

With a great rating on Trustpilot and over 2.5 million canvas prints sold, Canvas Discount is a seller you can trust. Their products are made in the USA, have a fast-turnaround, and come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

canvas discount - print your wedding photos

What materials can I print my wedding photos on?

Canvas Discount has a ton of great options to choose from when it comes to printing your wedding photos. Select from:

canvas discount - print your wedding photos
  • Canvas Photo Prints
  • Metallic Photo Prints
  • Acrylic Photo Prints
  • Framed Photo Prints
  • Photos Printed on Towels
  • Photo Blankets
  • Custom Photo Mugs
  • Photo Pillows
  • and more!

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We hope you love this site and their super savvy products. Check them out for all your decorative photo-printing needs! Happy Shopping!


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