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6 Reasons You Need a Wedding Rehearsal

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Wondering if you actually *need* a wedding rehearsal? Learn why it’s an important detail that we believe should not be overlooked or skipped!


A few weeks ago, we spotted a video on Instagram that we found troubling. The creator of the clip recommends skipping a wedding rehearsal. As we watched the seconds-long video, we found ourselves disagreeing with pretty much every point– and, we weren’t alone! The comments section was filled with wedding professionals and other brides who felt the exact same way. We don’t want to give the video any more airtime than it’s already received, so we won’t be linking to it. But we will share all of the reasons why we think you should do a wedding rehearsal. To us, it’s vital. So, consider this our rebuttal. 

What is a wedding rehearsal? 

Let’s start here! A wedding rehearsal typically occurs the day or night before your wedding day. It’s when you, your partner, your wedding party, and your family will practice processing (walking down the aisle), standing at the altar, and recessing (walking back up the aisle). It typically lasts for about 30 minutes, and your wedding rehearsal dinner usually follows. Today, we’ll be focusing on the rehearsal itself rather than the dinner that comes after. 

Why should we do a wedding rehearsal?

We believe if you’re able to do a “practice run” before a big event, you should jump at the opportunity! While that might be the TL;DR reason, below are the top six reasons to make sure to do a wedding rehearsal. 


There are a lot of moving parts on a wedding day.

As we mentioned, you, your partner, your families, and your wedding party will all walk down the aisle, stand (or sit), and then walk back up the aisle. Plus, it’s likely you will have additional family members or friends reading passages during your ceremony. All of these people (and both of you!) need to know what, where, and how they’re performing each of their roles. Your rehearsal allows all of that to become known before your wedding ceremony arrives.   


Everyone gets to meet.

Although you may have been feted at pre-wedding events, like an engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelor and bachelorette parties, there’s still a chance all of the people who are participating in your wedding ceremony have yet to meet. Putting faces with names is such a relief, and it’s also helpful for bridesmaids and groomsmen to start to build a report with each other to make the day more fun and low-key.


Your group can get their jitters out.

Whether you thrive under the spotlight or prefer to shy away from lots of attention, a wedding day can make anyone nervous. There is power in everyone understanding their roles in your wedding, and even the simple fact of knowing how and where each moment will happen can relieve so much pressure from everyone involved. Even though your wedding day is about you and your partner, your friends and family are “on stage” too. Not to mention, a run-through can allow any kids who are walking down and back up the aisle to become far more comfortable!


The key people become known.

It’s important for your family members and friends to meet, and it’s also equally as important for them to get to know your wedding officiant and wedding planner (if you’re working with one). Both will be the go-to people everyone will need to look for throughout your wedding ceremony (and beyond in the case of your planner!), and it’s important for them to be introduced prior to the moments just before you’re about to exchange your vows. 


It’s only 30-60 minutes long.

For all that is said about them, wedding rehearsals are inherently short! Most are less than an hour long, and they pass by in a quick blur. But in less than an hour, everyone can feel much more confident and comfortable because they’re informed. To us, it’s time well spent. 


It’s likely included in your cost.

Whether you’re hosting your ceremony in a different location than your reception or your ceremony and reception are happening at the same place, wedding rehearsals are most often included in the cost of your space’s rental fee. You will want to make sure this is the case, but if it is, don’t skip it and leave money on the table!

In closing, don’t skip the wedding rehearsal!

Although there are excellent tips to learn while scrolling on TikTok or Instagram, this is one we don’t recommend listening to. Choosing to skip a wedding rehearsal removes added time for connection and clarity heading into the big day. A wedding rehearsal allows everyone to become much more comfortable before your wedding ceremony is minutes away. It also allows you to spend even more quality time with your favorite people. What could be bad about that? 

So, are you planning to do a wedding rehearsal? Do you have any tips to share from rehearsals you have attended? Let’s keep the pro-wedding rehearsal conversation going in our community!

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Wondering if you actually *need* a wedding rehearsal? Learn why it's an important detail that we believe should not be overlooked or skipped!
Wondering if you actually *need* a wedding rehearsal? Learn why it's an important detail that we believe should not be overlooked or skipped!
Wondering if you actually *need* a wedding rehearsal? Learn why it's an important detail that we believe should not be overlooked or skipped!


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