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Yarn Wedding Decorations: Yarn Flowers, Macrame Hangings, and More for Weddings

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Want a savvy alternative for pricey wedding flowers? Consider these lovely yarn wedding decorations to get a lovely look for less!

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Weddings can be expensive and as time goes on, so does the cost of every detail! Decorations are desired by many couples, wanting their special day to come to life in the form of great pictures and something to look at!

Flowers are a go to for many weddings these days, although the cost can add up quickly! The Budget Savvy Bride has come up with a list of flower alternatives for couples to use, saving time and money throughout engagement. 

Etsy has hundreds of flower alternatives, including yarn. Below our team has curated 15 yarn alternatives for the wedding day! 

Yarn Bridal Bouquets

Yarn can be a great alternative to flowers for bridal and bridesmaid bouquets. Below are three yarn floral arrangements! 


Handmade Crochet Rose Bouquet

Etsy • $46.45

Handmade crochet flower bouquet wrapped in shiny ribbon. DIfferent flowers create a bouquet perfect for spring and summer weddings. Pinks, greens and whites design a beautifully wrapped bouquet. 


Rose Yarn Bouquet 

Etsy • $39.99

A delicate take on the classic flower arrangement are single roses with greenery, for a simple bouquet. Bendable wire is wrapped around yarn for a sturdy bouquet. 


Yellow Yarn Floral Bouquet 

Etsy • $38.01+

Yellows, greens and picks create a fuller bouquet, designed to stand out as one of a kind! Different styles are available to create a bouquet perfect for the wedding day. 

Yarn Wall Hanging Decorations

Yarn wall hanging decorations can be used for years after the wedding as home decor. Use the flower alternatives as a keepsake for years to come! Below are yarn wall hanging decorations. 


White Yarn Hoop Wall Hanging 

Etsy • $27.50+

A yarn hanging decoration piece can be used along the walls of the reception and for time after the wedding. Customize the hoop size and color for a personalized take on the decoration!


Bohemian wall hanging 

Etsy • $131+

A bohemian wall decoration piece is the perfect addition to a rustic boho wedding. Earth-tone yarn colors create different styles and shapes for wall tapestry.


Irregularity Yarn Macrame Decor

Etsy • $92.12+

Classic designed wall decor looking irregular and simple. Each decoration piece is handmade, making every one unique from the rest. Decide of different sizes to fit right into the wedding day. 

Yarn Wedding Centerpieces

Decorate reception tables while staying on theme with yarn created items! Below are a few centerpiece items from Etsy.


Saguaro Crocheted Cactus 

Etsy • $17+

Stay on theme of yarn decor for the wedding with yarn centerpieces! Mini cactus can be spread along the tables for a simple addition. Select the type and color of cacti coming in a one or 3 pack.


Handmade Crochet Hydrangea Flower

Etsy • $18.32+

Handmade hydrangeas available in all sorts of colors! Decide the color and amount of crochet flowers for a beautiful centerpiece during the reception. Adding a personalization is possible as well.


Yarn Hearts 

Etsy • $2.53+

3D hearts made of different sizes and colors to place along tables, with the ability to be used for events after the wedding day. Select the style and primary color to receive personalized decor! 

Yarn Wedding Cake Toppers

Stay on the yarn theme with a yarn-created cake topper! Below are etsy items perfect to decorate the wedding cake with. 


Boho Rainbow Cake Topper 

Etsy • $20

A simply designed macrame cake topper made in the shape of a warm-toned rainbow! Wooden beats sit atop the three chord rainbow. Perfect for a classic cake decoration.


Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper 

Etsy • $27

Yarn crocheted into a bride and a groom perfectly on theme for a wedding cake. The red heart is included, all crocheted by yarn stuffed with polyfill for a fuller look.


Bird Wedding Cake Topper

Etsy • $27

For all the bird lovers out there, his and hers crocheted cake toppers to hold as a keepsake for years down the line. Neutral colored birds with a top hat and rose to go along with any wedding theme.

Yarn Chair Decorations

Decorate the bride and grooms chairs with yarn crocheted pieces. Below are different styles created from Etsy.


Set of 2 Macrame Chair Backs 

Etsy • $75.48

Large macrame chair backings to signify the chairs for the bride and groom. Decorate with greenery or signage for additional style! Neutral colors are used to fit into any wedding color scheme. 


White Wedding Chair Decorations 

Etsy • $32.88

Thin macrame wedding chair decorations for a simple addition to the wedding day. Mark the couples place at the table with a thin white macrame piece, coming in a set of two.


10 Starfish Chair Decorations

Etsy • $110+

Decorate the aisle of the ceremony or the bride and grooms chairs with shiny yarn wrapped around a starfish for a beach themed wedding! Different cord coloring is available. 

Yarn decorations are a great alternative to fresh flowers. They can be a great way to incorporate the couple’s unique style into their wedding day. Yarn will hold its shape and stay fresh long after the wedding, for a beautiful keepsake of the most special day!

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