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10 Etsy Products to Keep Your Wedding Planning Organized

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Get organized to keep yourself on-track and on-budget with your wedding plans. Check out these organizational tools and products from Etsy!


Before I introduce you to some great items to help keep your wedding planning organized, I want to take a couple of seconds to talk to you about something.

Y’all know I love Etsy. It is absolutely the merchant I promote the most due to the amazing prices, variety, and uniqueness of the items sold there.

What I haven’t said much about is that the sellers on Etsy are, for the most part, hardworking entrepreneurs – just like me – trying to make a place for themselves in this competitive world we live in.

I actually personally know some of these sellers and many of them are creating amazing pieces of art at their dining room table after the kids go to bed. That’s a commitment to your craft, my friends.

So, while I appreciate the convenience and selection of stores like Amazon, I will always do my part to support the artisans on Etsy and elsewhere. I would recommend you do the same, not just for the ethical aspect, but because choosing “mom and pop” when planning your wedding can often come with significant money savings. Cha-ching!

Keep Your Wedding Planning Organized with Help from Etsy

Check out these organizational wedding finds we spotted on Etsy!

Wedding Money Box by Mirrorin on Etsy

This sweet and simple custom money box is a great little place to stash some extra wedding savings.

Wedding Shadow Money Box on Etsy by BritterfaeCollection

Alternatively, customize this shadow box for your wedding savings and later use it for ticket stubs or other memories.

Shabby Chic Wedding Box by CountryBarnBabe on Etsy

This beautiful box will not only hold your savings or wedding planning documents, but it can double as a card box on your big day.

Complete Wedding Checklist by WickedDesignsBoston on Etsy

Complete Wedding Checklist by WickedDesignsBoston on Etsy

This inexpensive wedding checklist download, with timeline included, will help you know what and when decisions need to be made.

Editable Wedding Planning Kit by Paperandoats on Etsy

Editable Wedding Planning Kit by Paperandoats on Etsy

This printable – and editable – wedding planning kit has you covered for everything from your master budget all the way down to your bridal accessories.

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide by WickedDesignsBoston on Etsy

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide by WickedDesignsBoston on Etsy

This download includes every planning document you’ll ever need to organize your big day. Just pick up some cheap sheet protectors and a binder and you’re ready to rock.

Custom Wedding Planning Guide and Keepsake by NotablePlanners on Etsy

If you are looking for something a bit prettier or aren’t interested in printing your own, these handmade and customizable 250-page planners are the way to go. Beautiful!

Pair of Vow Notebooks by overtype on Etsy

Writing your own vows? Use these notebooks to not only keep your heartfelt words safe, but as a memento for years to come.

Handmade Journals by FavouriteNotebook on Etsy

These beautiful handmade journals, in vegan leather, cloth, or regular leather, are the perfect thing for quick notes, diary entries, and reminders.

I hope you found a few things you liked in today’s round-up. Be sure to check out Etsy for more fabulous wedding finds. And don’t forget to come back in February for our next installment in the Etsy finds series 😉

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