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10 Low-Cost Spring Wedding Ideas You Can Totally DIY

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Kacey Mya

Weddings are a wonderful thing, but boy can they be expensive. Planning a wedding can be super overwhelming for just about anyone because you want it to be perfect – and you have every right to want that.

You get one shot at the most magical night of your life, so you’re going to try to do everything you can to make it the night you’ve dreamed of since you were a little girl. But you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have the memorable wedding of your dreams. In fact, there are many ways you can cut costs without affecting your guest list, wedding gown, number of bridesmaids, venue or food.

Here are ten low-cost spring wedding ideas you can totally DIY.


Glue pressed flowers to your wedding invitations with rubber cement

Learn how to make DIY Pressed Flower Wedding Invitations.


Personalized Invitations

You’ve heard how hand-written letters and thank you notes go a long way. While printed invitations are great, the process can become very expensive. Personalize your wedding invitations and really create a “wow” moment for your guests, who will undoubtedly be touched by the effort you put into them.

To start, pick your paper and size and order them offline. Pay attention to the little elements so your invitation stands out. Carefully decide on your font, and maybe even try out a calligraphy pen. Consider a splash of water color to add a unique artsy effect. Simply buy a color or two and a paintbrush and add a few simple streaks to the bottom, top or sides of your invites.

Seal your invitations with a personalized embosser, available online at place like Etsy, and seal it with wax to add the perfect elegant finishing touch – also available at places online like Etsy.



Gold dipped balloons via Little Big Bell

Gold-Dipped Balloons

These balloons will add the perfect touch of glamour to your reception. Order or pick-up some liquid gold leaf and a paintbrush and dip your balloons in gold. Use long strokes on the bottom half of the balloon until you are satisfied with the design.



Table Centerpieces

Go robust when it comes to centerpieces. Use flowers that have a full shape such as roses or hydrangeas. They’re also sturdy and won’t easily break. Find cute jars, vases or unique rustic bottles to hold your arrangement. You can also opt for greenery and use palm leaves as your focal point.



DIY Wedding Photo Booth Sign - plaid folk art chalk paints and mod podge chalkboard

Learn how to make Chalkboard Wedding Signs

Chalkboard Wedding Sign

They’re quickly gaining in popularity because they are versatile and inexpensive. Purchase a large chalkboard that gives you room to work with, then design your guest greeting in your favorite font with paint pens in your wedding colors. Try out the chalking technique, and add a unique accent to your board like your wedding flower.



Photo Board

It’s nice to have a photo display at your reception so guests can see a collage of the important people in the bride and groom’s lives – them. Add your favorite photos of your friends, families, each other and other loved ones. Your photo board should represent the unity of both of your lives. Find a large frame, wooden or otherwise, then secure string across the frame, so you can use clothespins to display your memories for everyone to enjoy.


Flower Arrangements

Order flowers and fillers from a reputable wholesaler, then get your bridesmaids together for a fun time creating your arrangements. Shoot for three blooms and a filler, for the middle of the bouquet. Buy quality floral tape – it’s worth it, and make sure you angle each flower in the same direction so the stems splay out.



via HauteBoxBoutique on Etsy

Vintage Card Boxes

Check out a few local vintage shops, and find a cool vintage suitcase for guest cards. Set the suitcase up at your reception, near the guestbook, then find some wooden letters to spell out cards and stick them on the opening of the suitcase or nearby.



Learn how to make your own wedding menu cards!

Menu Cards

Create your menu cards online at home if you have Word, Pages or InDesign. Choose your font, copy and format, then select a background, border and design that uses your wedding’s colors and theme. Send a JPEG file off to your local printer to have your cards printed on good quality card stock.



Learn how to make these diy candles from Something Turquoise!

Soy Candle Guest Gifts

Choose a unique and economical guest favor like soy candles. They travel well and are a great keepsake. You can even customize your candle scent. You’ll need to order soy wax, fragrance oil – your choice of scent –, 4oz candle tins, pre-tabbed wick, wick bars and large wick stickums. Weigh your wax, heat, then pour inside each tin. Add a customized sticker on top with your names, wedding date and a simple thank you.


DIY Coconut Sugar Scrub

Bridesmaid Gifts

Sugar lip scrub is good year round, especially during changes in the weather. Plus, it’s always good to naturally exfoliate your lips once in a while to get rid of dead skin and keep them smooth. All you need is coconut oil and either brown sugar or cane sugar. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add some of your own ingredients, like cinnamon or vanilla.




Cut down on expenses instantly, while also experiencing a more hands-on experience with your special day by doing some things yourself. If you’re a creative person and enjoy fun projects, DIY projects are right for you – and even if you don’t particularly consider yourself a creative person, you may still enjoy these inexpensive fun ideas for your wedding.



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