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Even though we haven't finalized our menu yet and we're doing a buffet, I've decided I want to make my own menu cards for our wedding. I figured this was something I can do fairly easily and hopefully inexpensively as well. Since we haven't finalized our menu, I just played around with a few options to share with Nick and we can decide what we like best. Regardless, I'm planning on making them so that you can get 2 per sheet of paper and then will probably print them on a nice card stock, or if I find a plain invitation cardstock with a raised edge, that might be nice as well. Will have to do a cost comparison to see if that makes sense.

To get started, I looked for some inspiration online and came across this feature on Martha Stewart. I went through the images and picked 2 that I liked and thought would fit with the feel of our wedding. Here are the two that I liked the best:

make your own menu cards
Image via Martha Stewart
make your own menu cards
Image via Martha Stewart
So looking at these I went into Microsoft Word and tried to create something similar. I knew I would need to use a text box or other way to divide the text if I wanted to print two per page. So I looked at the text boxes and they have a couple with designs (I use Word 2010). I chose the text box called “Austere Quote” to start because it had a small border around it that I liked. I went ahead and put in a fake menu (though it shouldn't be too far off from what we are planning to serve). Then I went to because you can use some of their Free Printables and create custom monograms where you choose the colors. It's a great little tool and best of all, it's free! Doesn't get any more budget savvy than that!! I went through and created a few custom monograms to use at the top of the menu card, I downloaded them from and then inserted the picture at the top of the menu within the text box. Here is what I came up with, there are 5 different designs (similar structure, but different monograms and fonts). If you click on the thumbnail it will open up a larger version of the image.

Overall, I'm happy with the way they came out, I will do some additional editing and tweaking (especially when we have finalized our menu). Considering that this project will only cost me the ink and paper – it should be less than $5-10 when all is said and done! This is much cheaper than having them custom made and printed for something people won't look at long, but can dress up the table and let people know what they'll be eating! Here is a sample photo of how they might be placed on the napkins on the table. We're pretty sure we are doing white table clothes, black napkins and the damask table square under the centerpieces.

make your own menu cards

What do you think? Are you ready to make your own menu cards? Have you already done this? Any tips or tricks to share?

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