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5 Must-Know Ways to Protect Your Wedding

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How to Protect Your Wedding in Case of Cancellations, Incidents, and Unforeseen Circumstances

Whether you have spent months or years carefully researching wedding professionals and planning every element of your celebration, everyone has one thing in common. No matter the timeline, no one wants any element of their wedding to ever be in jeopardy. The ways in which you spend money on your wedding and the reasons why you spend it are definitely different than any other purchase you have made in the past and will make in the future. However, there’s also a common thread: You need to protect your purchase!

Today, we’re diving into the five simple steps you can do to protect your wedding so no matter if everything goes smoothly or there are bumps along the way, you’re ready to face anything and everything. Make sure to keep reading below!

Hire Professionals You Trust

This might seem like an obvious solution to ensure your wedding day does not have any questionable professionals on board, but it’s worth a mention. Only choose to work with those whom you trust implicitly! Make sure to review each vendor’s website and look for any red flags. A lack of updates, a website that doesn’t work properly, and an email address or phone number that are out of date are all things that could potentially be warning signs. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for references of past couples who enjoyed their experience. Contacting others who have worked with the professional is always a great way to vet them! Lastly, ask to speak with wedding professionals on the phone. Emails can always be edited to be made to seem more legit, but a conversation works wonders to listen to how the person sounds and responds in real-time.  

Read Your Contracts

Contracts are lengthy, and there’s always a temptation to simply sign on the line. However, that’s one of the worst things you can do! Take the time to read through your contracts in detail. Make sure your names, wedding date, venue, payment information, etc. are represented accurately throughout the document. Cancellation and Act of God clauses are also important to view. If you see mistakes, send a note to the professional and request a revised document. Then read that one over! Realize that a contract is a legally binding document, so it’s imperative that you only sign on the dotted line if you agree with all of the information noted inside.

Protect Your Services

Cash is very quickly becoming a thing of the past, and you definitely don’t want to pay for your wedding day vendors in this manner. Use credit cards whenever possible! Note: We are not suggesting that you spend beyond your budget. Instead, credit card payments offer ways to protect your purchases and dispute any charges in which you disagree. Also, while it’s great for transferring money to your friends to reimburse for bachelorette party expenses and the like, Venmo should never be used for business transactions, which includes any payments you’re making to your wedding vendors.

Email, Email, Email

While we do recommend hopping on phone calls with your wedding professionals when needed, it is so important to email with your vendor team. This is especially crucial prior to booking and signing official contracts. Although they may be digital, emails create a written paper trail of all of your communication. This includes planning details, wedding day details, and even post-event details.

Disputing something that was said in person or on the phone brings with it the potential for a he-said-she-said conversation; however, written communication allows you to point directly to what should and should not be occurring. If you do choose to talk on the phone, send a note recapping your conversation with any pertinent details post-call and ask for a reply to confirm just to be safe.

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Purchase Wedding Insurance

After carefully finding all of your wedding professionals and planning every element of your day, you likely have an intense desire for nothing to go wrong! We’re right there with you. To protect yourself from the unexpected, we suggest you purchase a wedding day insurance policy.

WedSafe Insurance

Companies like WedSafe and The Event Helper are highly recommended because they allow you to protect your day from anything, including general liability, that may come your way. Plus, the cost, particularly after spending quite a bit on everything else, is typically nominal.

How are you protecting your wedding day? Do you have anything else to add? Join the community so we can continue the conversation together!

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