Money Saving Advice

Personalize Your Wedding Cheaper

I’m a big fan of finishing touches and small details.  Candles lit for dinner.  A single flower in a bud vase.  Just the right music on in the background.  Adding sprinkles to an iced cake.  I’m also a firm believer in the easier and more frugal

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Wedding Inspiration

Five Helpful Pinterest Boards

Pinterest can be any bride’s best friend!  It’s especially important for the budget-savvy bride to ensure Pinterest is serving her, and not the other way around.  This tool can be completely overwhelming and I’ve realized it can be easy to rack up the bill as my mind fills

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Wedding Favors

Tasty treats in a jar

Want a creative way to serve your wedding dessert? Check out these adorable cupcakes in a jar! The cutest, most portable, and delicious way to serve cake! How can you not be totally obsessed with these delicious to-go treats? The sweet presentation of a cupcake in

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