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8 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Definitely Love

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8 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Definitely Love
Luiza Kensell Ten Gift Ideas

Make your wedding memorable with wedding favors guests will love. Wedding favors are a great way to add a special touch to your reception — they can be customized to fit any theme or color scheme and will leave a lasting impression. DIY edible wedding favors are not only a way to save money but can showcase your creativity. Whether you choose to make your own wedding favors or purchase them, your guests will definitely appreciate the extra thought you put into all of the details. Highlighted below are eight stand-out wedding favors to celebrate the special couple!

1. Custom Candy Buffet

custom candy buffet wedding favors

Your guests will appreciate being able to take home a special treat. You can create a simple, yet elegant candy buffet for your guests to their own fill take-home bags with candy. With each detail from a beautiful tablescape, to decorative, custom bags, to even the candies you have selected, you can offer your guests something truly special and unique to the bride and groom. Consider customized bags and candy that is special to the couple. Take it up a notch by printing custom candy wrappers and even custom M&M’s. (Check out this cute DIY wedding favor featuring custom M&M’s!)

2. DIY S’mores Kits

Send your guests home with everything they need to keep the celebration going home! What’s more? You can share your love story with something like this — perhaps it is the bride and groom’s favorite treat or has to do with how the couple met. This idea is affordable and easy to make on your own. You can create professional-looking S’mores kits by packaging the ingredients in cellophane and finishing with a coordinating ribbon. This idea fits well with a summer or fall wedding and it will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

3. Custom Edible Favors

custom wedding cookies wedding favors

Another way to make your wedding memorable is to offer your wedding guests custom edible gifts for foodies. Something simple, like a box of monogrammed macaroons or other baked goods, add the perfect touch. You can personalize cookies or macaroons for the occasion with a monogram, “Mr. & Mrs.,” or other decorative touches that coordinate with your wedding cake. You can even take your packaging up a notch with coordinating ribbons or tags.

4. Keepsake Items Filled with a Sweet Treat

Sweet bird house wedding favors

Give your wedding guests something to remember your special day for many years to come! A personalized keepsake mug filled with coffee beans or hot cocoa mix makes for the perfect wedding favor. This is an easy and affordable way to impress your guests and they will love that it is something they can reuse! If you have out of town guests, be sure to include some sort of packaging to protect delicate items on the trip home.

5. Snack Station/Popcorn Bar

Popcorn Bar Wedding Favors

If you’re looking for wedding favors guests will love, consider a snack station! A snack station is the perfect conversation piece — Weddings by Lilly shows that a popcorn bar is an unforgettable way to delight your guests! Simply pour freshly popped popcorn into paper-lined wood baskets for your guests to customize with their favorite toppings, such as butter, caramel, and cheese. What is more? You can get creative with the presentation and make it unique to the bride and groom. In addition, this is also a unique way to share the couples’ love story and it can be worked into the wedding theme.

6. Commemorative Wine or Champagne Bottles

Lifestyle blog, Hi Miss Puff, suggests personalized champagne bottles in honor of your special event. What is great about this idea is that you can pick a beverage that is special to the bride and groom — such as the drink for the wedding toast. Moreover, you can beautifully customize the bottles as well by printing labels or ordering personalized neoprene bottle sleeves. Further, this is a way to showcase a special talent such as winemaking. Your guests will love bringing home your special drink!

7. Personalized Wine Glasses or Tumblers

Personalized wine glasses are a great way to wow your guests at your wedding reception, such as these from stemless wine glasses from Beaucoup! This practical and affordable keepsake item will allow your guests to raise a glass to the happy couple for many years to come! Offering something practical for your guests to take home definitely will be appreciated. Ideas include monograms, the date of the event, and the names of the bride and groom. You can also check out Etsy for personalized glassware!

8. Take Home Centerpieces and Keepsakes

Everyone loves wedding centerpieces, so why not offer your guests wedding favors that also double as part of your wedding decor? Small potted plants or flowers make for a memorable gift. Alternatively, you can create your own candles in vintage teacups or in personalized glass tumblers. This is a project you can get creative with and the end result will be truly unique. During the reception, you can elegantly display the wedding favors on a table, or incorporate them into the centerpieces. Be sure to include a note encouraging guests to please take one.

Careful attention to all the details at your wedding will make your wedding stand out. Thus, you can leave a lasting impression on your friends and family by selecting wedding favors guests will love. Edible wedding favors are a unique way to impress your foodie guests while sharing something the bride and groom enjoy — or even just a way to continue the theme of your wedding.

Alternatively, wedding guests will appreciate wedding favors that are practical or useful, such as wine glasses, mugs, or candles and they will always think of the bride and groom when they use them. Offering your guests an unforgettable experience does not have to be expensive — whether you choose to create your own wedding favors or purchase them online, it is easy to create affordable gifts for your guests that are sure fit in with any wedding theme.

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