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Stylish and Affordable Wedding Suits for Men & Women!

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If you’re on the hunt for stylish and affordable wedding suits for the folks in your wedding party, look no further than Suit Shop!


These days, weddings are looking quite different than in years past. Planning a wedding during a pandemic has put a whole helluva lot into perspective, right? It’s part of the reason we’ve been focusing on supporting and encouraging couples to make the wedding planning decisions that feel right to you!

Your wedding day is a special day. Obviously, both you and your partner will want to feel your best so you can truly enjoy every last moment. One way to ensure you both feel good is to wear something that has you feelin’ yourself! ? Whether that means finding your dream wedding dress or a killer wedding suit– you’ll want to look fab in a wedding outfit that makes you shine your brightest. Oh, and also at a price-point that doesn’t give you sticker-shock, right?

women's wedding suits from SuitShop
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Stylish + Affordable Wedding Suits for your Big Day

Well, we’ve got just the thing for you, if you’re looking for a wedding suit that is both stylish and affordable, our newest sponsor Suit Shop (formerly The Groomsmen Suit) has got you covered on all fronts!

women's wedding suits from SuitShop

One of the things we look for in the brands we promote is value. We see value as the intersection between quality and affordability, and Suit Shop strikes that balance perfectly!

wedding suits from SuitShop
wedding suits from SuitShop

You can snag a dapper, affordable wedding suit from their collection for under $200! Their suits come in six colors that are perfect for any wedding style, including Navy Blue, Brilliant Blue, Light Blue, Black, Charcoal Gray, and a light Textured Gray. Additionally, you could opt for a more posh look with their Tuxedos for a truly debonaire groom style.

The best part is you get to keep it. Why pay more to rent a suit you have to return when you could pay a similar price and have something you’ll get more mileage out of? No matter what age group you’re in, you’re likely to have an occasion that requires your Sunday best, so why not be prepared?

Alternative Bridal Style: Wedding Suits for Women

Obviously, Suit Shop has got great suit options for the guys, but did you know they also make fab women’s suits?

CHELSEY AND MELANIE the groomsmen suit
credit: The Rose Reflective

Whether you’re looking for a tuxedo for your wedding day or a killer white pantsuit for your rehearsal dinner, Suit Shop has some stylish and modern suit options for ladies to make you look smashing for any occasion.

Personally? We think a wedding suit is a SAVVY choice, as it’s an item you could re-wear over and over again. Their women’s suits come in the same assortment of colors as the men’s, with the addition of a chic bridal white – how fierce do these brides look in their white power suits?!

Your guests are sure to give you a “YAS QUEEN” when you walk down the aisle, almost guaranteed. And if we say so ourselves, the white blazer even looks amazing over a dress or skirt for a chic courthouse elopement. Basically, TGS has us currently rethinking all our bridal options as a result of this fierceness.

The Groomsman Suit - photo by Alison Dunn Photography
Alison Dunn Photography

Stylish accessories to personalize your look

Suit Shop doesn’t just stop at the suit itself. You can also find an assortment of stylish and affordable accessories to finish your look. Whether you prefer quirky and bohemian touches or something posh and polished, they have add-ons to suit your style. From essentials such as shirts, ties, belts, and socks to the items that add that extra special touch like tie clips, lapel pins, cufflinks, suspenders, and pocket squares– Suit Shop has covered every. last. detail.

Save time, money, & stress with Suit Shop

Suit Shop has made ordering wedding suits more simple, savvy, and stress-free, which is what we’re all about here at B$B.

Not only is this brand a one-stop shop for grooms, but they will also manage your wedding group for you! Choose your look, add attendants, and send an introduction email. They’ll remind everyone of what they need for the big day—so you can focus on everything else… aka living your life.

Their team is always available for style tips and suggestions. Order online and have your suit a week later with free shipping and free exchanges. ??

the groomsman suit bundle deal

Book a fitting to try them out in person

If you’re near one of their locations, you may prefer to drop by in person to try on a variety of styles. They’ve got retail stores in Chicago, Philly, and Denver and you can book a fitting here.

Not near a physical location? No problem. Suit Shop also offers virtual appointments to meet you wherever you are and give you the best styling advice.

Try before you buy

Suit Shop also has the option to try before you buy. This is a great way for you to check out the styles in person before asking your entire group to buy. The items sent are brand-new, never worn, and can be kept if you love them– how simple is that?!

Free Returns & Exchanges

BTW, did we mention that returns and exchanges are FREE for all orders? They’ve really thought of everything, and that is why Suit Shop has earned B$B’s seal of savvy approval.


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