DIY PROJECTS β€’ Wedding Decor β€’

Down to the wire!

The wedding is upon us! Which means my apartment basically looks like a wedding threw up in it. These are our cake stands, lined up like soldiers. We have boxes of frames for table card holders and family picture displays from a recent roadtrip to Ikea

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Random β€’

Park Engagement Photos!

Huzzah! The long awaited engagement pictures are here! (Delayed totally by my fault, because I neglected to give the photographer our new address..oops.) Our photographer was Maria Hall of IQFoto. She is AMAZING and is so awesomely budget savvy you cannot believe it. We found her

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Gifts + Registries β€’

Tips for Registering

If you read all the articles and checklists out there, it will tell you to register at least 6 months before your wedding. Well, that’s great. And I had every intention of meeting that deadline but, honestly, things got in the way. At the sixth month

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Ceremony β€’

Non-Traditional Ceremony Music

In what seems now like a past life, I was a classically trained opera singer. Ok, so not really. I sang opera, and I was majoring in Voice at a small liberal arts school and was being trained by someone who once was an opera singer.

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Vendors β€’

Who is Our Officiant?!

So lately, people ask me, “How is the wedding planning going?” and I always reply, “Oh really good, we got all the big stuff done.” Except, then I have this little panic attack, and start to hyperventilate a little because I realize we DO NOT have

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Honeymoons β€’

Honeymoon Planning Advice

Over the last week I have spent most of my hour and 15 minute morning commute going about an average of 45 mph on a major U.S. Interstate due to massive amounts of snow and ice. I actually even had a “work from home” snowday because

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Food + Beverage β€’

A Cookie Table for the Masses

Hello bridal beauties! Is anyone else ready for spring yet? I’ve spent the day working from home due to the ice-pocalypse that is currently upon the lucky of us in the Midwest. Since I didn’t have the 2+ hours of commute time today, I got to

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Accessories β€’

Amazing Shoes for Less

The dress was easy to find. The bridesmaids dresses were easy too. But I cannot find a pair of shoes that suit me to save my life!! Yes I am one of “those” girls who loves and lives for shoes. Although, I have done a stupendous

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Derby Style Save The Dates

Is anyone else shocked by the audacity of the price people will charge for wedding paper goods? I mean, besides the fact that when you put “wedding” on a label it usually ups the cost 10% anyway, the invitation and save the date market seems to

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Health + Fitness β€’

Start Working Out More Regularly

Happy New Year ladies, sorry I have been MIA, but I hope this lengthy update will make up for my absence. πŸ™‚ Because our wedding is still 6 months away, and because we luckily got a lot of things booked and done early, we haven’t had

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Random β€’

My Wedding Thankful List

Because it is Thanksgiving week, and I only have to work three days this week, and I REALLY want to procrastinate and not start on making the orange marmalade or myriad of pies that are awaiting me, I want to use this week to give Budget

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Bridesmaids Attire β€’

Multiple Maids of Honor

I swear I have the world’s most amazing maids and I decided to have multiple maids of honor, and not just one MOH. It might be different if I had a sister or something, but I do not and all of these girls are equally important

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Wedding Inspiration β€’

Leah’s Derby Inspiration

And They’re Off!: Finding Derby Inspiration… Inspiration is easy to come by when you are planning a wedding and have internet access, but then you all know that because you are reading this blog! When I got engaged back in June, finding inspiration was not an

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