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Bedroom Essentials to Add to Your Registry

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We spend a third of our lives in bed, and you and your partner deserve to get the best night’s sleep, every night. Ensure you get it by adding a Purple mattress to your wedding registry.

Bedroom Essentials to Add to Your Registry

When you get married, you join your life with another person. That may include anything from combining your bank accounts, your furniture and decor, to your families! Decisions you once made for yourself become joint decisions– especially once you become engaged. If you weren’t already living together before your engagement, you’ll have even more choices to make as a unit. Together you will tackle decisions such as choosing your wedding venue, picking your bridal party, and selecting which items to add to your wedding registry. One key decision you’ll make as a married couple that we must emphasize the importance of is choosing the right mattress for your bedroom!

The Importance of a Good Mattress

Now, you might be thinking this is a random topic to be tackling on a wedding planning site, but hear us out. Sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night, and over 35% of folks don’t hit that goal. (source.) Not being well-rested has an impact on many areas of your life. From grogginess to moodiness, a lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your life (and in your relationships.)

One way you can instantly improve your life is by getting better sleep! 93% of people57 say that a comfortable mattress is important to being able to get quality sleep! So the way we see it, the best way to ensure a restful night’s sleep is to have a mattress that suits you.

We can’t think of a better place to invest money or allocate your registry dollars than an incredible mattress– and what better mattress to recommend than the one that has been named #1 in Customer Satisfaction for 2 years running: Purple!

Why Choose a Purple Mattress?

Purple has been named #1 in Customer Satisfaction, 2 Years in a Row with Mattresses Online by J.D. Power. The brand has achieved the Highest Score In the following areas: support, comfort, price value, customer care, *and* warranty. Those are some pretty impressive accolades. Bet you’re wondering why? Check this out:


The Purple Grid

The patented Purple Grid is everything memory foam wants to be and ensures a restful night’s sleep for you and your partner. The gel columns of the grid instantly give way and flex to your every move, perfectly adapting to support your spine and cradle your body. Seriously, you’ll sleep like a baby.


Stays Cool All Night

Another amazing thing about the Purple grid is that it’s made from temperature-neutral material. Memory foam can act like a sponge, soaking up and retaining all your body heat. (And that can go double when you’re sleeping with someone else!) The Grid’s 1,400+ ventilation chambers let air flow throughout your mattress, keeping you cool and comfortable all night!


Low Movement Transfer

The resilient GelFlex Grid instantly shifts as you or your partner roll over or change your sleeping position. When you move, the grid moves, conforming to your body shape and springing back where you’ve left behind. The result? Blissfully uninterrupted sleep for both you and your partner.

Why register for china that you’ll never use when you can put a Purple mattress on your wedding registry?! With Purple, there’s practically zero risk. Each bed comes with:

  • 100-Night Trial so you can decide if you *really* love it (they’re that confident that you will!)
  • Free Shipping & Returns!
  • Plus, you get a 10-Year Warranty so you can rest *extra* easily about making this decision.

The Best Mattress for Couples

Purple has three different mattresses to choose from depending on your budget, but they’re all equally adored by the customers who’ve purchased them. You could add any Purple Mattress to your wedding gift list and your guests can contribute towards them. (Not sure which mattress is best for you and your partner? Chat live or call Purple for insight and advice from one of their Sleep Experts.)

The Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress is particularly ideal for couples because the extra thick Purple Grid (3 or 4 inches vs 2 in the other models) allows flexibility for those couples with different firmness preferences. For anyone who switches up their positions while they sleep, the flexible proprietary grid minimizes transference so your partner won’t be disturbed by you rolling over in the middle of the night.

Sheets, Pillows, and More!

Mattresses aren’t Purple’s only offering. They’ve got crazy-soft sheets, dreamy pillows, pajamas, sleep masks and more. Talk about elevating your dreamscape!

Purple’s sheets are luxuriously soft, incredibly stretchy, and comfortably cool to further support your sleep goals. The Purple mattress and their sheets are truly a match made in dream heaven as they are literally made for each other. They’re moisture-wicking and breathable to help regulate your temperature for optimal sleep. Talk about some savvy sheets!

Their patented grid has also been put into their Purple pillows for an oh-so-huggable feel that perfectly supports your head and neck.

Asking for a Purple Mattress as a Wedding Gift

These days, modern couples are embracing the idea of registering for non-traditional items for their wedding gifts. Why not allow your loved ones to give you the gift of good sleep by adding a Purple Mattress, Pillows, and Sheets to your wedding registry gift list?

While the typical kitchen item go-tos are always appreciated, let’s be honest, can anything really beat the life benefits that amazing sleep can give to a newly married couple? An amazing mattress from Purple would be the gift that keeps on giving!

Psssst… did you know?

You can get a feel for Purple mattresses in Mattress Firm store locations, and you can even create a gift registry there!

The Purple Mattress - the perfect wedding registry gift!
The Purple Mattress - the perfect wedding registry gift!

Add a Purple Mattress to Your Wedding Registry

So if you’re writing your own wedding vows, consider adding “I vow to never make you sleep on a crummy mattress.” We spend a third of our lives in bed, and you and your partner deserve to get the best night’s sleep, every night. Treat yourselves right with a Purple Mattress!

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