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How to Brand Your Wedding in 5 Easy Steps

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Want to make your wedding look like a million bucks? Put together a cohesive look and feel for your celebration by branding your wedding!


Determining your wedding’s overall look and feel involves so much more than choosing your details. Instead, the process feels very similar to one a business would go through while creating a brand. Details like the style, colors, tone, and visual elements (such as a logo) are all important. If you’re wondering how to achieve the same type of treatment for your event, we’re sharing tips below about how to brand your wedding day. 

How to Brand Your Wedding Day in 5 Steps

Planning your wedding well comes down to breaking each task into easy, achievable steps — and we feel the same way about creating a brand for your celebration. The ultimate goal is for your soiree to have a cohesive look, but that likely feels overwhelming to you as you start. So, we’ve simplified the process into five easy-to-follow steps below!

1. Research Your Wedding Style

We all have a personal style we gravitate toward, and your wedding truly isn’t any different. The first step is to determine your wedding style. Because visuals are so important for this step, Pinterest is a great tool. Start by gathering together images that inspire you, whether they’re from homes, fashion, or weddings. Don’t feel as though you need to edit yourself in the beginning — simply save and go. You will likely see a distinct style emerge once you have a solid collection of photos saved (think: 15-25 images). From there, you can cull your grouping down to 5-10 images that truly capture the look and feel that you’re hoping to achieve.

Wedding branding tip!

Consider your venue and season during this step. Although it isn’t impossible, creating a tropical ambiance inside a ballroom might look and feel a little strange.

2. Determine Your Wedding Colors

Your wedding style and your wedding colors can sometimes go hand-in-hand, so the first two steps to take while branding your wedding are almost interchangeable. We moved this step to the second position, however, because it’s likely that your wedding style will help to guide your color choices. Once you have a grouping of photos saved from your wedding style step, take a closer look. Not only will you have likely narrowed in on your style, but it’s also very possible that you will have directly (or indirectly) chosen your wedding colors too.   

3. Consider Your Tone

Your guests will get their very first glimpse into what they might be able to expect to experience on your wedding day through your save-the-date and wedding invitation. Because both pieces are written, the tone is an important detail to convey. If you’re hosting a more formal affair, your tone will feel more traditional and polished. If you’re hosting a garden wedding, romantic wording might feel more appropriate. A casual or modern, industrial wedding might bring out your fun, hip side. Any of these options are excellent to use, but your tone is something you will want to carry throughout all of your written elements (think: save-the-dates, invitations, programs, escort cards, menus, cocktail signage, etc.) And of course, keeping that tone consistent and cohesive throughout each printed detail is key.

4. Choose Your Visual Elements

Once you have completed the first three preliminary steps, you’re ready to dive into the visual elements of your wedding brand. The most obvious piece many couples love to create or include is a wedding logo. A logo can look like just about anything! You might want to use a monogram, typography, or an illustration to be part of your wedding logo. Your logo could include your favorite pet, a meaningful location, or an object you both love (books, a team, a mode of transportation) — the sky truly is the limit here. The important thing is your wedding logo should tell a visual story about the relationship you share together, and it should offer your guests a picture of who you are as a couple.

Creating a logo is often not something couples do without help from a professional. A graphic designer can offer tons of help during this step! A designer can look through your inspiration, ask questions, and create your logo for you. But they also design it using programs that will enable you to have all of the correct sizes to use your logo on everything from your wedding stationery to a dance floor GOBO. You can also pop over to Etsy to shop for a custom logo design or whip up your own using our favorite DIY design tool: Canva!

5. Lean into Cohesion

We’ve hinted at it as we have explored each wedding branding step, but cohesion is key. The brands many of us love use the same style, colors, tone, and logos throughout each and every element that’s seen by devoted fans. The same is true for your wedding. You will want to carry your wedding’s style, color palette, tone, and logo throughout your entire celebration. It helps to make things easy, and it also creates a direct visual story for your guests to follow. To make it easier to visualize, put together a wedding vision board to fully express the way you picture the big day!

So don’t be shy, add your wedding brand or logo to any and everything! Some great spots include your getting ready robes, your cocktail napkins, drink stirrers, your wedding favor packaging, and so many more.

Go Forth and Brand Your Wedding Day

Like many other aspects of wedding planning, creating a wedding brand is much simpler than you would think! When your break the process down into steps, like choosing your wedding style, colors, tone, and visual elements, carrying a cohesive wedding brand throughout your celebration becomes doable. And, the result is a wedding day look that is reminiscent of something a professional branding agency might design. Your guests will be wowed!

Are you creating a wedding brand for your celebration? Where are you in the process? What are some helpful sources you’ve discovered? Share with us in our community!

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Want to make your wedding look like a million bucks? Put together a cohesive look and feel for your celebration by branding your wedding!
Want to make your wedding look like a million bucks? Put together a cohesive look and feel for your celebration by branding your wedding!
Want to make your wedding look like a million bucks? Put together a cohesive look and feel for your celebration by branding your wedding!

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