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Etsy Love : Clever Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

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Looking for the perfect way to pop the question to your besties? Check out these clever bridesmaid proposal cards from Etsy!

Etsy Love : Clever Bridesmaid Proposal Cards


You’ve got the ring, now you need to assemble your bridal squad.  I love when brides find creative ways to propose to their bridesmaids and what better way than with a card? You can add these cards along with a bridesmaid proposal gift, or give them alone if you’re on a tight budget.

If you’re not into the super sentimental and sappy stuff, then you’ll love these funny and clever bridesmaid proposal cards from Etsy!

Clever Bridesmaid Proposal Cards from Etsy

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Birdy Grey • $10

The best part of this proposal box is that you can personalize it with a name on top! Comes with card and paper stuffing inside just add your own little gift.

Which design is your fave? We love shopping on Etsy for personalized and unique gifts and decor for weddings and beyond! Visit our Etsy Tastemaker Page to see a curated selection of our favorite Etsy items, perfect for budget savvy brides!

How are you popping the questions to your bridesmaids?



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