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Budget Friendly Photo Booth Props

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Like lots of brides, I jumped on the photo booth bandwagon. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a photo booth!? What an awesome way to entertain guests along with provide them with a fun favor they will treasure.

Matt and I enjoying ourselves in the booth at a friend (Michelle’s) wedding

Unfortunately, after looking into renting such a booth I realized it would not work within our budget. Luckily, the DIY options out there are plentiful and after seeing images like these:

From the Ruffled blog
Courtesy of “Do It Yourself Weddings” blog

I decided we should make a photo booth wall and use our own camera on a tripod to snap the photos. If I have my sh*t together then I will post the photos on our website so our guests can access them as well as send them each their photos in their thank you’s.

Luckily, we have some very talented friends, one in particular who is a contractor and has access to everything needed to put this thing together along with the skills. He has generously offered to build this thing for us, and so besides picking out wallpaper (a blue and white San Francisco toile) and frames, we don’t have to do much of anything for it. He is even getting it to the venue for us! Thank goodness, because it is HUGE, eight feet high with three different frames of different sizes plus wainscoting! The total cost I am unsure of as our friend has bought everything needed and refused to let us pay him back, aren’t friends great! But I am confident it was less then the cost of a professional rental, and this wall will be personalized to us!

Of course we needed photo booth props! That’s where Jordan from Oh Happy Day comes in. She created two sets of awesome prop print outs along with instructions on how to make them. So armed with some foam core board, Elmers spray adhesive, a box cutter and scalpel, I made a great set of props:

Photo Booth Props
This is just the first set! I added the Tom Selleck stash and mountain man beard myself

If you attempt these I would suggest using the black foam core over the white. I bought both and used both but found the black had a cleaner look once cut. Also, be aware, all this cutting and spraying can be a bit messy so I recommend doing it in an area that can handle the mess. Cutting through foam core with such a sharp instrument is harder than you would expect, and also dangerous (luckily I only stuck myself once), so do be careful. I found a slow sawing and dragging motion worked best using a long scalpel tool.

Here is the second set, although I didn’t make all of them in the print out:

Photo Booth Props
The Beatrice hat was from the first set and I had it printed at Kinkos

I also made conversation and thought bubbles using the foam core and chalkboard contact paper

Photo Booth Props
Ready for chalk and some creativity!

Please ignore the general mess on my table, thank you 🙂

Are you planning on doing a photo booth? Are you renting or DIY-ing? Have you used these print outs for props or created your own?

Photo Booth Props
Boshi says “come on guys, I am NOT Harry Potter!”

We are two weeks away from the big day so if I start to disappear I apologize and I promise lots of pictures and recaps once we return from our honeymoon!

Photo Booth Props


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