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As you know, I'm a long time fan of the sites RetailMeNot and Ebates. Ladies, I have to tell you- if you're not visiting these websites before EVERY purchase you make online, you are missing out on MAJOR savings and even cash back! Here's my little lessons for the day, and then I will show you my savings! 🙂

Online Shopping

Lesson 1: Ebates

Ebates is a site that lets you earn CASH BACK on your online purchases from 100s of the most popular online retailers and gives you referral bonuses when your friends use Ebates. Since joining last year, I have made over $300 in cash back and referrals– score! It's not that I spend a ridiculous amount of money shopping online- I am just purposeful when I do. I have most of my favorite stores memorized by now, but I always log in to my account at Ebates before going elsewhere to make any purchases. Some of the more surprising but cool Ebates affiliates are: iTunes, Southwest Airlines, Apple, Enterprise Rent-a-car, and AT&T. Alot of the stores you shop in all the time are on Ebates, such as Kohl's, Target, Macy's, Victoria's Secret and more. Right now Ebates is offering HUGE prizes for referrals as well- refer 50 people and win an iPad, 100 people and win a home theater system, refer 200 and win a 55″ TV, or 300 and win a trip to Hawaii! Pretty sweet.

Online Shopping

Lesson 2: RetailMeNot has been a close friend of mine for over 3 years! I never make an online purchase without visiting RetailMeNot first. The fabulous sponsor of my media tour is the home of 1000s of coupon codes for your favorite retailers. You can find discounts of your purchase, free gift with purchase coupons, coupons for free shipping– and some retailers actually let you stack your coupon codes- meaning to use more than one code on a purchase. One of the stores that allows you to stack coupons is! Not all stores allow this but I always recommend trying it out just in case because it can't hurt!

Online Shopping

Practical Application Example:

E & I had a wedding to attend this weekend. We had some friends who wanted to go in together on some gifts. We logged onto their wedding website and saw that they were registered at Kohl's. Knowing that Kohl's is an affiliate of Ebates, I went and logged into my Ebates account to access

The 3 of us wanted to spend around $50 apiece- so we got a few different items that added up to $146.65 without tax and shipping. Before adding our coupons, our total with tax and shipping was $174.75

I then went to and found 2 coupon codes – one for 15% off and one for free shipping. I added both coupon codes to my order. Our new, final total was: $136.18

That's a savings of $38.57!!

Not to mention an additional $2.49 CASH BACK in my Ebates account! Oh, and I almost forgot, I also got an email with $20 Kohl's Cash (free rewards money for my purchase) to spend starting this Thursday! I totally pat myself on the back for this purchase. *happy dance*

Using RetailMeNot is just as simple as checking out their website for codes before your purchases, but to take advantage of Ebates, you have to sign up! If you haven't yet signed up, I'd love for you to use my referral link to do so- perhaps I will get enough referrals to win an iPad- that would rule! 🙂

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