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Dealspotr vs Rakuten: Who Has the Best Coupons?

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Dealspotr vs Rakuten? Who has the absolute best, most accurate selection of online coupons? You may be surprised to hear our opinion!


I don’t know about you, but I have a super hard time paying full price for anything. Luckily, thanks to the internet, I rarely have to anymore.

One of the main ways I save while shopping online is by using coupon codes. There are tons of different sites that post current promo codes, but I generally use Rakuten. I’ve had really great luck with their coupons, not to mention I enjoy receiving cash back.

Recently, though, I heard about a new website called Dealspotr. I was intrigued by this site, mostly because it is populated by users like you and me. Folks are motivated to post legitimate coupons as they are rewarded in points that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. I’ve used user-populated coupon sites in the past, but because there were zero perks to posting useful codes, I usually ended up throwing my computer across the room due to frustration.

To see if Dealspotr really has a step up on the competition, I decided to go into investigation mode. I did some direct comparisons between Dealspotr and Rakuten to see who truly has the best coupons. Take a look at the results…

Which Deal Site Has the Best Coupons? Dealspotr vs Rakuten

Dealspotr vs Rakuten: Coupon Showdown - who has the best coupons for Shutterfly?


  • Winner: Dealspotr
  • Coupon Code: 2BD6F5E8AD
  • Deal: 25% off everything at Shutterfly.
  • Details: Dealspotr had significantly more coupon codes listed for Shutterfly than Rakuten. This code was listed as having a medium success rate, and it was also said to possibly be single-use. But, as you can see, it worked!
  • Rakuten didn’t have a sitewide code for more than 20%.
  • Favorite Product: Shutterfly has a huge selection of wedding papers, so it is hard to pick a favorite. That being said, I really do love their mason jar stationery.

Dealspotr vs Rakuten: Coupon Showdown - who has the best coupons for David's Bridal?

David’s Bridal

  • Winner: Dealspotr
  • Coupon Code: PROMNITE17
  • Deal: $20 off $100+ regular-priced prom dresses at David’s Bridal
  • Details: David’s Bridal doesn’t have much for current coupons on either site right now, but Dealspotr does have this prom dress coupon listed that Rakuten does not. They also have a bunch of expired coupons that some people were having some success with still.
  • Favorite Product: David’s Bridal has a large variety of gorgeous $99 bridal gowns. You really can’t beat that price, even though the winning coupon code for prom dresses does not apply to these gowns.

Dealspotr vs Rakuten: Coupon Showdown - who has the best coupons for Vistaprint?


  • Winner: Dealspotr
  • Coupon Code: VPDEALS
  • Deal: 25% off your entire order at Vistaprint
  • Details: Again, Dealspotr is the winner, this time for Vistaprint. Both Rakuten and Dealspotr had some identical coupons, but Dealspotr was the only one with this 25% off sitewide code.
  • Favorite Product: I am a huge fan of Vistaprint’s signage options. You can’t beat their prices, especially when you use a coupon.

Dealspotr vs Rakuten: Coupon Showdown - who has the best coupons for Oriental Trading?

Oriental Trading

  • Winner: Dealspotr
  • Coupon Code: CE175715
  • Deal: Free standard shipping plus $10 off your order of $49 or more at Oriental Trading
  • Details: While Rakuten did have a coupon for free shipping at Oriental Trading, it did not include the additional $10 off like Dealspotr’s code.
  • Favorite Product: I love this wedding arch! And you can’t beat the price of $49.99 shipped with a coupon.

Dealspotr vs Rakuten: Coupon Showdown - who has the best coupons for Beau-coup?


  • Winner: Dealspotr
  • Coupon Code: BIRTHDAY10
  • Deal: Get 10% off your order over $99 at Beau-coup
  • Details: The winner for the best Beau-coup coupon was a no-brainer, as Rakuten didn’t even have them listed in their database.
  • Favorite Product: I love Beau-coup’s selection of $2 or less wedding favors.


A Few Things to Remember…..

While Dealspotr is absolutely the winner when it comes to having the best selection of coupons, keep the following in mind:

  • Coupons change all the time. While the above codes were valid at the time we published this blog post, you will want to scope out Dealspotr and Rakuten yourself for the most current coupons before your next online shopping “trip.”
  • Dealspotr does not offer traditional cash-back at this time. While I will now be checking both Rakuten and Dealspotr for the best codes, I will still likely shop through Rakuten, so I can receive cash back.
  • Dealspotr recently analyzed over 550 promo codes posted at major coupon sites to find the most reliable provider of codes. They won hands down. You can see those results here.
  • To learn more about how to earn points and rewards from Dealspotr, click here.
  • To sign up for Dealspotr, click here. To sign up for Rakuten, go here.

Rakuten vs Dealspotr? What’s your personal opinion? Comment below.



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