Buying Your Own Linens | Tablecloth Sizes

If you are anything like me, and trying to avoid having a different vendor for everything, you may have thought about purchasing your linens. There are pros and cons for renting vs buying, but in my opinion the pros outweigh the cons. I knew we would need to start purchasing our linens early, to make sure each size we needed was in stock, so I began researching where to buy them.

There are several websites to choose from when buying linens, after I researched reviews and prices, I went with Linen Tablecloth. They have sales often, a great variety of styles and colors, and they had good reviews. In Maryland, the average rental shop will rent a 132″ tablecloth for $14, I was able to buy mint green cloths for $11 and even got free shipping.

My biggest piece of advice when buying your own linens is to check reviews. Wedding Wire is a great resource for this. Like I mentioned, there are several websites out there that sell linens, but many of them have bad reviews for a reason.

Hopefully the below tablecloth sizes graphic will be helpful if you decide to purchase your own linens!


via To Travel and Beyond

Our affiliate Koyal Wholesale also has some great deals on solid colored tablecloths, so be sure to check them out!

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