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On Buying a Wedding Dress Online

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So, I finally did something I was terrified to for the first six months of my engagement…I bought a wedding dress!  Even scarier, I bought the dress online, and I didn’t even try it on first!

I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but sometimes those online prices can be so tempting!  There are sites where you can buy wedding dresses from other brides such as OnceWed or PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com in addition to purchasing wedding dresses from a traditional wedding retailer.

David’s Bridal was running a sale with huge discounts on wedding dresses (I’ve noticed that there is always some kind of sale with a big one every couple of months), and I found a few dresses that I loved.  Well, I loved the pictures.  I nervously debated for days if I should order or not.  Some dresses went out of stock–I panicked more.  Finally, during a Skype call with my Maid of Honor, she told me flat out that I need to get a dress because (at the time) there was a little over four months to the wedding and I was making her nervous.

I still wasn’t ready to complete my purchase though, so I decided to make a dress appointment at David’s Bridal.  The next morning, I went alone to my appointment (I think one of my biggest hang ups about getting a dress was that I didn’t have my friends or family to go with me, but I think going alone was actually better!) and tried on four beautiful dresses.

None were the dresses that were on sale online, but that was ok!  With my in store appointment, I learned my wedding dress size (I would have totally ordered the wrong size!) and the cut and fabric I love most—plus I got the in-store dress shopping experience that every girl wants.   After learning what I loved, I went back home and ordered the sale dress online.  It came 3 weeks later on Christmas Eve and fit perfectly and I am so excited to actually wear it! I love the dress that I got better than even my favorite dress in store.

And the best part?  My dress was marked down to $150 (regularly $700).  So, if you’re eyeing up a dress online—whether it be a resell dress or an end of season sale dress, try on a few dresses, learn what you like, and go for it!

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Have you debating buying a dress without trying it on first?

If you did get a dress online, how was your experience?

Tara Kreider

is a bride blogger who got married in 2015. You can read her wedding planning posts here.