Wedding Budget Tip #29: Resell, Reuse and Repurpose

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Wedding Budget Tip #29: Choose items that you can resell, reuse, or repurpose after the big day!

Wedding Budget Tip #29:

Choose items that you can resell, reuse or repurpose after the big day!

When it comes to planning your wedding on a budget, there are some keys to being budget savvy that are important to keep in mind. When buying items for your wedding, whether decor or serving ware, consider choosing items that you can resell, reuse or repurpose after your big day.

Sell Your Wedding Items After the Big Day

One way to recoup costs associated with your wedding is to sell items to another bride or any other interested buyer. Decor items or even your dress can easily be sold via Craigslist, EbayFacebook Marketplace, or other secondhand or consignment websites for wedding dresses in order to make back some of the money you spent on your wedding day.

Repurposing Wedding Decor in Your Home

Another option is to reuse or repurpose your wedding items. You can let your personal style influence your wedding style and incorporate items from your big day into your newlywed home. Since the item isn't something just used on your wedding day, you can feel better about getting more long-term use out of an item rather than just using it for one day and tossing it aside. Those beverage jars that you purchased to serve lemonade at your reception will come in handy for backyard barbecues for years to come. And your decorative cake plate can serve as a delightful display for sweet treats in your newlywed home.

Definitely keep these ideas in mind when purchasing items for your wedding day — what can you resell, reuse or repurpose to further justify the expense?

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So tell us: do you plan to resell, reuse or repurpose items after your big day?

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